Monday, July 28, 2014

Despicable Attacks On Jews In Chicago

SHOCK: Jewish students shown ‘photos of ovens and told to get in’ by classmates in Chicago
July 27, 2014

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Al Quds Rally in Toronto July 26, 2014... No one is allowed to use this video without the permission of the producer.

MA Residents Protest Illegal Alien Invasion. Media Distorts Message

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Wow! HUGE protest against illegal immigration in Massachusetts!
By soopermexican

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Radio talk show host Jeff Kuhner speaks during a rally to protest the possibility that Massachusetts may host immigrant children

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It’s funny how the Boston Herald video doesn’t include the portion of the speech where radio host Jeff Kuhner welcomed Hispanics and legal immigrants, and the audience applauded. See, that won’t help push their narrative that these protests are racially motivated and against all immigrants.

Here’s that video:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Judge Jeanine Recognizes Source of Muslim Violence

Is the reason that few if any major journalists report on religious violence, that none of them know what the Crusades was? Politicians, and young people are mostly clueless regarding history. The Crusades is unknown to them. Without an understanding of that the current worldwide violence by Muslims makes little sense.

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Christianity Under Attack - Danger From Radical Muslim (sic)?
Justice With Judge Jeanine
Are Christian (sic) Worldwide In Danger From Radical Muslim (sic)

Hamas Broke Every Cease Fire Agreement

Published on Jul 27, 2014
Netanyahu: Hamas Has Broken All Cease Fires We Have Agreed To
July 27, 2014

Sarah Palin Launches Online TV Channel

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“I want to talk directly to you on our channel, on my terms — and no need to please the powers that be,” Palin, who is also a Fox News contributor, said in a video announcing the channel. “Together, we’ll go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”
Palin is producing the channel in partnership with Tapp, the online-video venture formed by Jeff Gaspin, former chairman of NBCUniversal Television, and Jon Klein, former president of CNN U.S.

Sarah Palin Launches Her Own TV Channel OnlineTodd Spangler
NY Digital Editor @xpangler
JULY 27, 2014 | 06:58PM PT

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sarah Palin Exposes Eric Holder's Racism

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[From article]
Palin slammed Holder, saying, "I don't need lectures from Eric Holder." Taunting him, she continued, "Not many cabinet members in U.S. history have been held in contempt of Congress."
The Tea Party firebrand urged, "instead of shamelessly playing that race card," he should look at the protests in black and latino communities about the resources going to the illegal immigrant children flooding across the U.S. Mexico border.
Palin said, "That racism charge is a disgusting, false charge. Just because someone opposes a failed unjust agenda that makes them a racist, Mr. Attorney General?"

19 Jul 2014

Pro Amnesty Immigration Activist Swims Across Rio Grande

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Jorge Ramos, the amnesty advocate and fierce questioner, took a swim across the Rio Grande river on Friday to follow the journey of Central American children.
Ramos, who is also a Univision anchor and has been praised by Matt Drudge for asking politicians tougher questions than his fellow liberals in the mainstream press, said his stories will air on the Fusion network "soon."

19 Jul 2014