Friday, April 17, 2009

Ziegler Arrested at Couric Award Ceremony

John Ziegler made the documentary Media Malpractice about media distortion of the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign. He went to see the award ceremony of Katie Couric getting the Walter Cronkite Journalism Award at the University of Southern California where campus police arrested him. Ambassador Walter Annenberg is a major benefactor od this school. The Annenberg School states, "Ambassador Annenberg’s mission statement remains the central focus of the School:

Every human advancement or reversal can be understood through communication.
The right to free communication carries with it the responsibility to respect the dignity of others, and this must be recognized as irreversible.
Educating students to communicate this message effectively and to be of service to all people is the enduring mission of this school."
Keep this in mind as you watch how John Ziegler is treated by the campus cops.

Ziegler describes the event in this essay, which includes a form letter (I got a copy too) sent by Dean Peter Wilson of USC's Journalism School, with Ziegler's pointed corrections embedded in the letter.


The Truth About My Arrest at USC
by John Ziegler

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