Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dutch TV Interviewer Loses His Reason and Job

Make sure you read BEFORE watching the video. It's a real show in Holland... It's a video of a Dutch interviewer who is interviewing a man on a LIVE TV (Dutch version of 60 Minutes) on "Surgeries Gone Wrong." This man had a surgical team inadvertently remove his testicles. I think the interviewer could have handled the facts but it was the man's voice that appears to have set him off. Watch a veteran reporter's career go down the drain in about 30 seconds. It doesn't need to be in English to understand what is happening.
[Partial Transcript:
INTERVIEWER: Tell us how you felt when you awoke to find your "jewels" missing, Johann.
MAN: Well, the first thing I noticed was that my voice had changed.
INT: [Laughing uncontrollably] Excuse me. Go Ahead. [Laughs uncontrollably]
MAN: Now you may think this is funny but try talking on the phone with a voice like this.
INT: [Laughing] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Go ahead. Oh sh*t. I can't stop. Excuse me. Excuse me. Please. O.K. O.K. This is a serious problem. [laughs]
MAN: This idiot has lost it.
INT: Other than the obvious problem of the voice, how are you handling the sexual part?
WIFE: Well, as his wife I can't fondle his testicles any more.
MAN: You think it's funny? You think it's funny? Think of what it would be like for a dog not to have his testicles to lick any more.
INT: [Laughs loudly] [THERE GOES HIS JOB.]

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