Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quincy Street Traffic Jam

Harvard University reunion day May 29, 2010. Buses lined up on Quincy Street when Fogg Museum construction has shut part of the street makes for slow traffic. At one point, which is what attracted my attention, there were buses all the way to Broadway, forcing MBTA bus routes # 1 and # 69 trying to turn into Quincy Street to back up in order to make the turn. In addition it was a public safety issue if there were Fire Apparatus trying to turn onto Quincy Street. The buses would delay response to an emergency.
During weekdays too the construction along Quincy Street makes the road narrow. Visitor buses to Harvard park along Quincy Street creating the same narrow passage.
On Tuesday June 1, 2010 construction crews added to the area congestion at Broadway at Prescott Street shutting westbound traffic on Broadway during the day and forcing traffic onto Prescott Street. What route MBTA buses # 69 and # 68 took to get to Quincy Street is unknown.

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