Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obama, The Politician

Go to to download this song or to read the full story behind "The Great Reneger." Lyrics included below.

The Great Reneger
(Michael Fischer ©2009)

Hey have you heard hes gone back on his word
On the internet theres a big long list
Of promises broken so eloquently spoken
And you wonder why so many millions are pissed?! Cause hes the

Great Reneger a politician at heart
A politician practicing his art
Hes the Great Reneger, neither black or white
Hes many shades of grey far left from whats right

Hell tell you anything to get you on his side
Like Change You Can Believe In, Trust me would I lie?
Well have transparency, CSPAN, Post all bills on the net
Therell be no lobbyists, no pork, Have we seen it? Not Yet! (chorus)

Bridge 1
Theyve had votes in the night behind closed doors
Senators bribed no better than whores
Pushing their program refusing to hear
When the voice of the people is perfectly clear (chorus)

His skin so thin and when scratched you can see
The horrible sight that lies just beneath
An unseasoned novice lifted up in pride
But theres a fall comen soon and therell be no place to hide! (Chorus)

Bridge 2
Teleprompter in place he can really talk that talk
Blowin smoke is cheap but he dont walk the walk
And what politician hates is when you turn on the light
Hell run like a roach for the darkness of night

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