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Carmel tunnels are ready

The Carmel Tunnel, a new 3.5 mile traffic route and the longest of its kind in our country, opens next month in Haifa - the country's chief port and third-largest city. The highway connects Haifa's eastern and western districts, redirecting drivers from downtown to an alternative route to the eastern and central parts of the city and Haifa Bay. The opening of the tunnels will ease the traffic on roads passing through the city, reduce air pollution and bring significant savings in time and money for the drivers to the north by-passing the city through the tunnels.


High speed railway to Eilat

Israel is looking for partners to the project that will bring huge boost to the south. The planned high-speed railway will be a two-track, 170-kilometer line between Eilat and Beersheva. The line will have 8 stations at; Hatzeva, Sapir Center, Paran, Yahel, Yotvata, Timna, and Shahoret, 63 bridges and 5 tunnels. The line will carry more than 3.5 million passengers a year, cargo and vehicles from Eilat port. The Ministry of Transport published the RFI to the private sector which offers 2 alternatives; BOT (Build Operate Transfer) and PFI (Private Finance Initiative) including planning, construction, financing, and operation of the line.


Emmy award for best comedy to Ramzor
Best comedy series for 2010 goes to Israeli sitcom "Ramzor" (traffic light). It is about 3 friends in their 30s, each enmeshed in differing stages of relationships. The show's creator, actor Adir Miller, and producer Elad Kuperman were present at the ceremony which was held at the Hilton New York Hotel. The series was already bought by 14 countries, including FOX USA and Russia.
Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:
Detecting Parkinson by voice waves
Method developed by Professor Shimon Sapir from Haifa University enables detection of Parkinson disease in early stages by analyzing the sound waves produced while talking. The technique involves analysis of voice and articulation that only requires the patient to read few simple sentences -resulting in reliable and accurate findings. Prof Sapir idea is that the disease affects also the muscles controlling the voice and speech. Early detection is crucial for treatment and stopping further development of the disease.
3000001st tourist in 2010 welcomed at B-G airport
Special ceremony was held Monday at Ben Gurion International Airport welcoming a priest from Brazil - tourist number three million and one in 2010. A total of 3.4 million tourists will arrive in Israel in 2010, up from the 2008 record of 3 million.

El Al: Profits up by 245%

Flag carrier El Al Israel Airlines posted a 245 % surge in 3rd quarter net profit as passenger and cargo revenue rose. Net profit in the quarter increased to $42.5 million from $12.3 million a year earlier. Revenue rose 13% to $561.2 million on higher passenger traffic and an increased yield per passenger per kilometer. Cargo revenue grew 34 %. >
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Economy & infrastructure;
6th straight quarter of growth
Central bureau of statistics; Israel's economy grew for a sixth straight quarter in the July-September period
in-spite-of the weak US and European economies which slowed the rate. Gross Domestic Product grew an annualized 3.8% in the third quarter. The economy has expanded at least 3.6% in every 3-month period since the third quarter of 2009, as Israel rebound from a brief recession in the wake of the global financial crisis. Government spending rose 10.2% after marginal gains in the prior 2 quarters and investment in fixed assets increased 9.7% to continue strong gains this year. >
Upgrading the Western Wall Plaza
$23 million allocated to develop Western Wall plaza, aiming to improve access for millions of visitors to the site and also to the archaeological sites, upgrade the infrastructure, transport and parking facilities in the area. The Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site, attracts millions of tourists every year. Financial investments in renovation projects have led to a dramatic upsurge in visitors - from 2 million in 2004 to 8 million in 2009.
Erwin Cutler in Israel; the truth that must be heard
Erwin Cutler; Member of Canadian parliament and Former Canada minister of justice visiting Israel. In a Personal interview on Israeli TV he enlightens, in a nutshell; “at the core of the conflict is the distorted narrative of the refugees. If there is no remembrance – there is no truth. No truth – no justice, No justice – no reconciliation, and no just and lasting peace.
Worth listening live to this gentleman at >
Curtsey Dr. Meir Monselise esquire
Women of combat
A record breaking number of 1000 religious women, some already married, are choosing to enlist in the IDF. These young women are enlisting in large numbers, becoming pioneers in units which never before included religious women: Air force, artillery and tank corps instructors, IDF command courses and more. Until now, most religious women who enlisted did so in teaching and education roles and units. Over the last two years the glass ceiling has shattered and paved the way for additional significant roles.
Israeli Mathematician to be honored
Professor Alexander Lubotzky of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been chosen to be the keynote speaker at the joint meeting of 6000 attendees, members of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) that will take place in New Orleans in January 2011. Prof Lubotzky will conduct 3 lectures, known as the Colloquium Lectures, on the topic of “Expander Graphs in Pure and Applied Mathematics. Lubotzky’s honor comes after it was announced in August that Professor Elon Lindenstrauss won Fields Medal which is considered the Nobel Prize of Mathematics.
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First power purchase agreement for solar energy
National Infrastructures Minister signed the 1st power purchase agreement for renewable energy in Israeli history on Sunday with Ketura Sun, a joint venture of the Arava Solar Power Company (APC) and Kibutz Ketura in the southern Arava near Eilat. The agreement is worth NIS 250 million (~$70 Million) over the next 20 years.
3 new power plants approved
Government approved 3 power plants based on water storage (renewal energy). Water storage method uses the difference between the heights of water reservoirs to generate electricity. Water is pumped up at hours of low-power consumption and streamed back to a turbine that produces electricity at peak demand. These projects in Manara and Mount Gilboa will generate 500 MegaWatts of electricity. A third power-plant based on this technology to be built in Kochav HaYarden will produce 300 MW.,7340,L-3433826,00.html
Lighting the first candle of Hanuka is on Wednesday evening December 1st, 24 Kislev.
Happy Hanuka

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