Tuesday, August 23, 2011

US Rep. Waters: "Tea Party Can Go to Hell" She'll Help Them Get There

While the media plays up the Los Angeles congresswoman's "the Tea Party can go straight to hell' comments from this weekend, they are ignoring what she said right after that. When the wild cheers of the audience calmed down, Rep. Waters then said: "And I intend to help them get there."
Is there any doubt that if a Tea Party representative had said that "the Congressional Black Caucus can go straight to hell and we intend to help them get there", we would be hearing loud condemnations about the hateful rhetoric from the extremists in the Republican Party?

Tea Party is a minority political party, almost non existent in Massachusetts, having no elected officials in the state or MA US legislature delegation. Waters belongs to the Democrat Party, which controls Massachusetts, a one party state government. What will the Massachusetts Stalinists do if I say "The Massachusetts Democrats can go to hell and I will help get them there?" If the recent past is any indication they will continue their threats of harm, abuse of police powers, character assassination and criminal harassment.

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