Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PA Judge, Uses Remarkable Ideas to Dismiss Complaint

This audio tape reveals a remarkable decision by a sitting Pennsylvania State Court Judge. It reminds me that all the damages are done in the lower courts, which get less scrutiny than the SCOTUS where the high minded ambitious attorneys focus their minds.

The parading atheists marched in the Mechanicsburg Halloween Parade on Oct 11, 2011 as the Zombie Messengers of God. Talaag, a Muslim, attacked a parade participant in defense of the Prophet of ISLAM. Blasphemy shall not be tolerated in the Borough of Mechanicsburg, PA.
This is the entire trial and we ask you to make your decision whether he acted appropriately or not and then call Judge Mark Martin at 717-766-4575.
He may hold me in contempt of court for releasing this audio. Please spread this video in celebration of FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN AMERICA!
I didn't speak out because the Judge ordered me to not release the audio and said I would violate section 112 of the Rules of Pennsylvania Court. However, this rule does not apply to me. I'm in the boundaries of the law and I'm tired of his contempt court bullying. I'm releasing the video and fully aware of the results that I could and will be illegaly jailed or fined under this action. FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN AMERICA is our founding rights.
No appeal is allowed since that would be double jeopardy.


Hundreds of threats for assault victim in case dismissed by Quran-minded judge
By Pamela Geller
The Daily Caller

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