Sunday, November 11, 2007

October 29 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge, MA City Council

Speaking as the Mid Cambridge Chapter of the Emergency Committee to Protect White Males from Abuses of Power by Black Racist Harvard University Police and from Racist Harvard Lawyers Pretending to be Civil Rights Attorneys, Bercaw asserts "I am not from Burma. I'm an American citizen." He asks, "Does the Council still wonder why there so much violence?" He asks why there is so much concern (Policy Order # 12) about a temporary occupancy permit. He suggests that the Council learn how to speak the Newspeak language where words mean whatever and often the opposite. In support of Committee Report # 1, Bercaw suggests that lawyers be provided to patients of the OB-GYN clinic on Windsor Street in case of negligence. He also urges that patients be provided foot massages as they travel to the clinic in their taxpayer funded taxis. He wonders why after all these years the Council needs a workshop on Parliamentary Procedure (Policy Order # 4). He says learning the rules will just cause the councilors to be be upset when they violate the rules and other laws. Regarding policy Orders # 5 and # 22, Bercaw suggests banning pedestrians and removing sidewalks to make room for bicycles and parking.

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