Monday, November 19, 2007

Harvard University Noise Violations 2

Harvard University contractors continue to violate Cambridge, MA city noise ordinances. They pick up and deliver goods to the Fogg Museum late at night contrary to city laws. The City Manager and the police dispatchers refuse to enforce these laws when the perpetrator is Harvard. City officials worship Harvard's $35 billion endowment and believe the University and their contractors are entitled to disregard inconvenient laws, which are meant only for poor vulnerable defenseless citizens. The few citizens who pay attention to what the city government does are aware that the City Manager usurps policy making powers contrary to state enabling laws. The reason is that the City Councilors have no spines. I offerred to purchase spines for them and they refused my offer. Howie Carr, Boston Herald columnist and WRKO radio talk show host describes Boston City Councilors as "Sheep in sheep's clothing." It may well apply to the Cambridge City Council.

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