Monday, April 7, 2008

Exciting Central Square, Cambridge MA

In boring Cambridge MA There isn't much for young people to do on a Saturday night. City elders spend most of their time and money thinking up ways to harass Cambridge youth. Here we see what some creative young people did one Saturday night for excitement.


Anonymous said...

Except, the list of things that are not in Central Square on a Saturday night is in error. The YMCA is 2 blocks from the 7-11 store that the film is clipped from. And there's a bookstore behind the 7-11 on Pleasant Street and another one on at the far end of the same block on Mass Ave.

There's also a Youth Center 4 blocks up from there at Hoyt Field, and a community Center on Calendar Street (about 6 blocks from there).

The branch Library is about 4 blocks away in the other direction from that store.

And it sure does look like a 'mob & rob' effort by a bunch of local teens, who use shear numbers to cover someone doing a shoplifting run through the store.

Diogenes said...

Thanks for your "corrections." The 7-11 that is in this clip is on Mass Avenue at Essex Street, not at Pleasant Street. I was being facetious regarding the list of things that can't be done. Especially since the elected officials spent so much time on Youth Centers, which are not as popular with youth as they are with the elected officials who earn $100,000 per.

Anonymous said...

The Youth Centers are not popular because they are centered to one or two specific activities and do everything else badly or not at all.

Calendar Street is a glorified indoor basketball court, not much else.

The Hoyt Field Center is more oriented to non-teens and is watched over regularly by the local cops because of gang activity in the area of Hoyt.

The teens don't want to be watched by the cops because many of them are involved in less than legal activity (drinking, smoking, etc.) so they go elsewhere.

Diogenes said...

You provide evidence for my observations that the elected officials live in a fantasy world that they talk about at their meetings. They appropriate millions of taxpayer dollars for youth centers that few use arguing that there is a great need for them. Are these $100,000 per year politicians earning their money? Do they have enough voters fooled?