Friday, April 11, 2008

HAZMAT Spill at Harvard University Cambridge MA

Cambridge Police closed parts of Kirkland Street and Oxford Street in Cambridge after a HAZMAT spill at Harvard's Science Center on Thursday April 10, 2008. A Cambridge police officer reported that the emergency began at about 7:00 AM. The Cambridge Chronicle, reports that the streets were re-opened at about noon.
Science Center employees told me that it was a "gas leak," and that Harvard evacuated the entire building. The Harvard Crimson reported that all morning classes at the science center were canceled.
The HAZMAT cleanup crew refused to reveal what chemical they cleaned up. They told me "You have to ask Harvard."
One HUPD Officer told me that it was an oil leak from equipment in the basement. When I asked him if he would say that on camera, he refused.
The cleanup continued at about 2:45 PM. WHDH-TV report is at
The Boston Herald Report is at
Minor injuries were reported.


Anonymous said...

Seems kind-of stupid. This was part of a cleaning solution that's in almost every building in the world.

Diogenes said...

What was stupid? The extent of precautions? How are you certain what the spill was? Do you rely on what you read in the newspapers; what public relations employees of corporations tell you?