Saturday, January 23, 2010

Microwave Device Can See Through Buildings

Microwave device can see through buildings. Device manufactured by Eureka Aerospace Corporation. Posted on YouTube on January 13, 2010.


Jeremy said...

You can protect yourself by coating your walls with conductive paint. Likewise you can microwave-proof your clothing.

Nobody gives a crap about us, but we're going to save you anyway.

batvette said...

"Perfect security means no crime goes unseen.. and a lot of bad things happen behind closed doors"

Can I take this guy and beat him about the head and face severely?
WTF has gotten into people? I spent four years in the Navy dodging planes on the flight deck of a carrier from '79-83 as Reagen faced off the Soviets and put the last nail in their coffin. I WANT MY 4 YEARS BACK as it's evident their philosophy came here anyway.
"Oh, keep us SAFE, give us RFID chips and watch me take a dump in my bathroom as long as it prevents another crotch bomber from roasting his nutsack!"