Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's False Heart Attack

Did Rush Limbaugh's non heart attack result from an attack of electrical weapons to make him think he was having a heart attack? What was he doing when it happened?

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John Allman said...

I had exactly those pains on and off for several days last month, bad enough for me to wake up shouting "ouch" in my sleep, and to keep me, and hence my partner, awake at night.

Because I am a victim of e-harassment, had this once before several years ago, and have heard of other targets reporting the same symptoms, I considered the possibility that the pain was induced using a directed energy weapon.

The pain happened when I was resting. Vigorous exercise made it no worse. There was no shortage of breath. Whether it was an EM weapon attack that faked (badly) a heart attack, I may never find out, in this life.