Monday, July 15, 2013

Texas Attorney General Runs For Governor

Attorney General Greg Abbott and his wife, Cecilia, met at the University of Texas and had been married almost three years when he was paralyzed when a tree fell on him. He said his life "has been fuller and better" since the accident.

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Abbott carries a quiet confidence borne of seven years as a Texas Supreme Court justice before becoming attorney general. He has a reserved style and wry humor meant to disarm audiences who may be concerned about his disability, for which he uses a wheelchair. Abbott, fresh out of law school, was jogging through Houston's River Oaks neighborhood on July 14, 1984, when a 75-foot oak tree suddenly splintered at its base, striking him in the back and partially paralyzing him. Abbott sued the homeowner and a tree company that had worked in the area and collected millions.
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But he's best known for using his office to sue the federal government 27 times during President Barack Obama's tenure, legal battles that have cost Texas at least $2.58 million. The results are decidedly mixed: Five wins, nine losses, nine pending and four where Texas dropped its complaint because of changing circumstances. His chief target was the Environmental Protection Agency, which Abbott sued 17 times over pollution standards and limits on greenhouse gas emissions. He also was part of the unsuccessful, multi-state effort to overturn the White House's signature health care reform law.

AG Abbott formally kicks off gubernatorial bid
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July 14, 2013 | Updated: July 14, 2013 3:25pm

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