Tuesday, February 19, 2008


About 5 minutes before my scheduled air-time, the Executive Director of Cambridge Community Television, Susan Fleischman entered the studio and unleashed a 5-minute verbal assault including threats, accusations and insults. I was upset for the entire broadcast. A former boxer literally pulled Fleischman out of the studio. Her eyes were bulging and she was foaming at the mouth. I put up with continuing harassment at the station until February 1, 2005. It was no longer reasonable to spend 8 hours preparing my show then have it sabotaged by the staff. CCTV receives $850,000 annually from the City plus private contributions. Robert Hall, Sr. died in 2007. When I would call in to report that a show was being broadcast with no audio the response was, "You're annoying the staff." Jarrett Barrios resigned from the MA state Senate in 2007 with $500,000 in campaign funds. He uses it to influence local elections. He works as a lobbyist for a Human Services Corporation. After 12 years James Bulger remains an alleged "fugitive." FBI officials get frequent reports of sightings in luxurious vacation spots where they spend taxpayer funds searching for him.

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