Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Removing Ice and Snow from Cambridge MA Sidewalks

February 11, 2008, City Council meeting. Megan Brook states the problem of ice and snow on sidewalks. Her solution is increasing fines. Speaking as the Vice President for Government and Public Affairs for the Mid Cambridge Emergency Committee to stop wasting "the greatest source of untapped energy since scientists split the atom," -- the hot wind energy given off without fail each week by Cambridge politicians -- and to use it to clear the sidewalks of snow and ice (THE SOLUTION), Roy Bercaw suggests using some of the appropriations for alcohol abuse prevention to teach people how to drive when drunk. This is a public service announcement of DDAM, Drunk Drivers Against Mothers. Bercaw says that prisoners should be trained in alternative dispute mediation services. He notes that the Neighborhood Crime Task Force of 50 members did not have any persons with disabilities. The Task Force determined that drugs is a major cause of crime, but did not discuss drugs. Order 5 violates Mass General Laws Chap. 43 Sec. 107 regarding Plan E form of Government. It carries severe penalties, prison, fines removal from office and being barred for life from holding elected office. Bercaw answers how to prevent city employees from engaging in illegal activities. He began thanking the Council for amending the Human Rights Commission ordinances omitting persons with non physical disabilities from protections. He notes that they are not whole people, only half people.

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