Wednesday, May 14, 2008

APR 9 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge MA City Council

Speaking as the Chairman of the Awards Committee of the Federation of Biotech Cheerleaders, Bercaw presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to the City Council. On the issue of dog medallions to use city park land, he notes the consistently inconsistent policies of the City. The Council supports same sex marriage for out-of-state couples who are banned from marrying in their home states to marry in MA. But they want to prohibit dogs who do not live in the city from using public parks? He says not to worry, because Cambridge enforces laws arbitrarily and capriciously anyway. Discussing the "Urban Ringy Thingy, Councilor Simmons conducts a private conversation loudly enough for Bercaw to be distracted. It is a violation of the Council Rules which are also enforced arbitrarily. Bercaw suggests using psychiatric drugs for traffic calming. In order to increase parking and traffic flow Bercaw suggests banning pedestrians and eliminating sidewalks in the city.He urges keeping civilians from knowing the city laws in order to avoid any concern about the government violating so many laws. He asks if the Council supports fences in the city will it also support the fences along the border with Mexico? He wants to have two drinkers of adult beverages on a liquor license committee.

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