Thursday, May 15, 2008

Squatter Robin at Harvard Cambridge MA USA

In early May 2008 I saw this proud brave robin strutting on the stoop of a Harvard owned apartment building. I noticed him building a nest in the tree just outside an adjacent building -- a Harvard building without permission. This robin is not a Harvard affiliate. One day I saw him chasing a squirrel. Each time I tried to capture him on video tape he flew away. He seemed to fear the camera. One morning I sneaked up on him and got this footage. According to one book I read, robin couples (politically incorrect one man one woman) stay together as a pair and share the work of feeding of their young until the babies are able to leave the nest. This robin built his nest at eye level not a very safe nest. But he is on Harvard property. Harvard's real estate division spent many years trading property to get permission from the City of Cambridge to cleanse their buildings of non Harvard affiliates. Now this robin just moves in. Will the University with a $35 billion endowment permit this squatter to stay?
This robin spends his spring-time creating a luxurious nest in a Harvard University-owned tree.

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