Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cambridge Hygiene Lacking

Cambridge, MA politicians, having little power and less self esteem, boast of awards they get. Best walking city, most accessible city, Triple A Bond Rating. They believe that Cambridge is a city always on the cutting edge due to being the host city for Harvard University, several biotech firms, and MIT. They ignore their lack of focus on hygiene by its medical professionals and its residents. They do not care that 90,000 Americans die each year due to negligence by medical professionals, some of which is simply not washing their hands between patients. For many years new residents lament the growing number and size of the rodent population. This is solely a result of sloppiness by people in the city who do not keep the streets clean. Lately they blame people who come to Cambridge who do not live in the city. Here are two brief video clips showing how grocery stores in Hagerstown, Maryland, and Kingston, NY provide hand wipes for patrons free to use to clean the shopping cart handles and the children's seats. No market in Cambridge provides hygienic cleaners.

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