Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enough Room TV February 29, 2000

Roy Bercaw discusses Bachelor's Day, Sadie Hawkin's Day, Character Assassination, Bob Jones University, Al Gore, George Bush, Men Only Synagogue, Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, 6-year-old killer, Mary Higgins, Rent Control, Landlord Abuses, Censorship, Police Abuses, IMUS, Alimony, Bryant Gumbel, Free Expression, Hate Speech, Protected Speech, MA Civil Rights Statute, ACLU, MCAD, Disability discrimination, Disability rights, Persons with disabilities, Cambridge Firehouse, Bennetton Be Gone, Death Penalty, Michael Sullivan, Kai Bashir, Radiation Experiments, mind control experiments, Sidney Gottleib, CIA, LSD, Sudden Wealth Syndrome, Psychiatry, New England Shelter.

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