Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Enough Room Video TV February 15, 2000

Roy Bercaw discusses Valentine's day, the definition of Love, Brooke Astor, Art Galleries, Walter Williams, Certificate of Forgiveness, Truth, Finance, Corruption in Boston, Real Estate, Affordable Housing, Larkin Petition, Rent Escrow, FBI Corruption, Jeremiah O'Sullivan, James Bulger, Steve Flemmi, Harvey Silverglate, MCJTC, Frank Salemme, US Judge Mark Wolf, Kai Bashir, electrical weapons, mind control, electrical stimulation of the brain, Jose Delgado, microwaves, Nicolo Tesla, Robert Becker, research corruption, Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT Radiation experiments, Anthony Roisman, Adverse reactions to drugs, HUPD Abuses on city land, First Amendment violations, psychiatric abuses, disability rights.

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