Monday, October 13, 2008

Enough ROOM TV March 14, 2000

Roy Bercaw discusses discrimination against White Christians, Steven Kelso, Abuse of Persons with Disabilities, Ralph Nader, Consumer Rights, Disability Rights, Treatment Advocacy Center, E. Fuller Torrey, Psychiatry as business, Psychiatric drug abuses, Paul Appelbaum, Carol Rutz, Government Human Experimentation, Claudia Mullen, Michael Capuana, Thomas Birmingham, Radiation experiments, MKULTRA, Stanisfield Turner, Richard Helms, Sidney Gottleib, CIA, Martin Orne, Vera Hassner Sharav, Gene Therapy Deaths, Beth Israel Hospital, Tufts New England Medical center, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Francis Duehay, Sheila Russell, Neil Rudenstine, Knafel Center, 6 year-old killer thug.

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