Monday, February 2, 2009

Enough Room TV January 11, 2000 Roy Bercaw Host

Roy Bercaw host of Enough Room TV discusses, Venezuela Flood Relief, death of Nackey Loeb, Manchester Union Leader publisher, Boston Phoenix, MediaOne, AT&T, Dan Kennedy, Jim Braude, Cambridge City Council, Environment Committee, Cigarette Butts, Kathy Born, Pocket Ash Treys, Selective Enforcement, Time Warner, AOL, Rush Limbaugh, Jesse Jackson, Homelessness, Low Cost Housing, Ritalin Abuses, Radiation Experiments, Psychiatry, E. Fuller Torrey, Ralph Nader, Bournewood Hospital, Julia Butterfly Hill, Judi Bari, Theresa McCue, Via Gallery, Artist Foundation, Linda Leslie Brown, Creiger Dane Gallery, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Collectivism.

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