Saturday, July 5, 2014

White C-Span Callers Offended By Black Racism

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I think the blacks have brought on most of their present-day problems themselves. They insult white people. I’ve heard it right here on your own show, some black called Karl Rove a “white boy.” And I don’t think that’s right. They’re attacking white people in the big cities and we’re supposed to put up with that kind of stuff, and like them, and say, “Well, come on into our neighborhood.” And how about the discussion of the black crime that goes on in this country? You people never will discuss that.
[. . .]
I think there is a war on white men in this country from liberal white women that claim there is a war against women. No country has ever created more things for the betterment of mankind’s living than the caucasian race that came from Europe
[. . .]
No country in the world has produced what the white man has produced for every culture and race in America.
[. . .]
The white man has done more for the black man in this country — I think the black man owes the white man a thank you.

C-SPAN Callers Advocate ‘White Pride’: Black People Owe Us a ‘Thank You’
by Andrew Kirell
1:51 pm, July 4th, 2014

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