Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are You a Typical White Person?

Trying to explain his close long term relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, US Sen. Barack Obama tells about his grandmother who he says is "a typical white person." That raises the questions -- Is Barack Obama a typical black person? Is Barack Obama a typical black Harvard lawyer?
Here's a clip from "Fox and Friends" where angry sports announcer Brian Killmeade leaves the live TV set. He tried to change the subject apologizing for Obama's comments. There is a river in the brain called Denial.
Chris Wallace, son of legendary Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, says he thinks that the discussion about Obama's "typical white person" remark is excessive. Oh? Obama is running for President of all people in the USA. What happened to Trent Lott and others for less stereotypical statements regarding race. Wallace has two standards like most liberals.

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