Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MAR 24 2008 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge City Council

Speaking as the Deputy Minister of Propaganda of the Mid Cambridge Society for the Advancement of Typical White Persons, Roy Bercaw suggests banning non residents from driving in Cambridge, banning negative comments and criticism of Cambridge Public officials, and limiting public comments to praise and positive comments only. He advises the Council that if they want better quality public comment they will have to pay for it. He suggests that the City Council petition the state legislature for permission to ignore the First Amendment. He quotes Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services Senior Attorney Ellen Schacter who says that open space is a luxury that Cambridge cannot afford. He wants to redefine the meaning of open space. Bercaw asks, "Why enforce the noise ordinance? It would be one of the few laws that the city obeys, selective enforcement of laws."

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