Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Intolerance in the Name of Tolerance

[The below comment was deleted twice from the Cambridge Chronicle comments pages. I posted a related comment below this one, to see if that would be tolerated in this city of intolerance.]

Cantabrigians counter anti-gay church protest
By Jillian Fennimore/
Cambridge Chronicle staff
Fri Mar 13, 2009, 02:30 PM EDT

Great civics lesson here. The Mayor of all the people said "we are all here to stand up against ignorance and evil. . . so we can show them what . . . tolerance looks like." Let's see, the paradigm in Cambridge is - "If someone disagrees with you they are ignorant, and evil." I might add they usually add racist and mentally ill. Instead of having a dialogue the Mayor uses personal insults. That shows she has no rational arguments. What a great lesson to teach high school students. That is what Cambridge looks like. Don't dare disagree with the homosexual lobby which runs the state or you will be sorry. This is how a minority of thugs censor free speech. Dictatorship, you rear your head in Cambridge teaching young people intolerance in the name of tolerance. Just what was predicted. The minister named Christians but not Jews as an interest group. Shame forgetting the most vocal supporter of the homosexual lobby. Eric Holder laments cowardice of white people to talk about racism? Here's why.

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[This comment was also deleted.]

"The Editors refuse to allow criticism of the Mayor. Will they allow
the comment that the First Amendment is not dependent upon geography?
A person does not need to live or pay taxes where he or she expresses
his or her opinion. That is another example of censorship, this based
upon geography. How many citizens join the spineless editors and
politicians in this depraved city? We need new editors as well as
politicians who believe in free speech, not personal attacks."

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