Thursday, March 12, 2009

Texas Democrats Prevent Citizen Comment

Hundreds of concerned Texans showed up as early as 7:00am on Tuesday morning [March 10, 2009] expecting to provide oral or written testimony on this important issue. Unfortunately, the response from Democratic Senators was not very welcoming.

Rather than taking time to listen to personal testimony on incidents of voter fraud in past elections, these Democrats chose to delay with their childish rants ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG!
Some Texans are just now providing their testimony. The hearing was scheduled to start at 9am yesterday [March 10, 2009], but the first public witness was not called until 6:45am this morning. That's 24 hours after arriving at the Capitol yesterday morning.

[This is] a brief video from a handful of Republican activists who waited, and waited, and waited to provide their testimony to the Senate yesterday.

Texas Democrats have shown absolutely no shame in their unprincipled opposition to Voter ID legislation. Yesterday's despicable delays are likely just the beginning.

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