Friday, March 27, 2009

JFK Assassination Explained Better

In this video Bill Charleston shows that the last two shots were fired 0.7 seconds apart which shows that there was more than the one shooter than the government has repeatedly said. To prove that is true, he shows for the first time ever that the last two shots identified on the police radio by acoustic experts actually did capture the sound of the shots. It has never been identified before that John Connally was shot after President Kennedy, he identifies the exact moment the bullet hit John Connally in the back by noting his head snap downward.

With witnesses saying the last two shots were BANG-BANG, the acoustic analysis of the Dallas Police radio showing the last two shots were bang-bang, and then Bill Charleston shows those times coincide with the Zapruder film.

And we now know that the movie JFK got it right too, the shot to Kennedy's head was fired from in front of the car.

Later, he'll show you this is a mystery because it is a government secret. Said another way, the government has been lying to you for nearly a half century. You'll simply be awed by the way our government has lied. This is the start of the journey to truth, be patient, you'll soon know the rest of the story!

Bill Charleston

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