Sunday, June 14, 2009

CBS 48 Hours Mystery of 2003 Stoneham, MA Homicide

CBS News 48 Hours on the 2003 murder of Stoneham, MA Doctor Linda Goudey. Her former boyfriend Dr. Tim Strycker was a suspect. He lost his medical license after pleading guilty to perjury and suborning perjury to divert attention after he was found guilty in a civil trial for murder brought by the victim's family. Strycker's psychologist wife of 14 years began divorce proceedings after defending him for many years.
[My comment posted on the CBS web site]

This man looked and sounded all through the show as if he was lying. It is typical that his psycho-therapist wife was clueless about his violent potential. Psychiatry is a meaningless discipline. They claim their illnesses are scientific but they are created by consensus. A criminal law professor explained that everyone is capable of homicide, given extreme circumstances. For a psycho-therapist not to be aware of that shows how ignorant some of them can be. When a witness appeared 15 years after the fact it was illogical. Why didn't he appear after the killing which had a lot of media coverage. It did not make sense that he waited 15 years. If you look closely at Strycker's face as he speaks on camera he reveals that he is lying. He shows no emotion. If you know a murder victim it is a very extreme emotional event. This was his love object. He is a cruel man with no feelings.

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