Thursday, June 11, 2009

Media Bullies Defend Attack on 14-year old

Three and One Half Talking Heads show their ignorance and bias defending hateful speech toward a 14-year old girl. Letterman attacked her twice. These boobs say he did not mean the 14-year old. They can see into his mind? But that is who was with Gov. Palin in New York. How shameful and shameless these people are on network TV. Compare with how Carrie Prejean was attacked for expressing her opinion on same sex marriage and how the homosexual lobby attacked her. This is not comedy, it is political character assassination by leftist haters, shameless brutality by media bullies.

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Sarah Palin: Letterman owes women an apology
Jun 12, 10:46 AM (ET)

Gov. Palin appeared on MSNBC with Matt Lauer. She discusses the natural gas pipeline and the Letterman debacle.
John Ziegler appears on Fox News to defend Gov. Palin.

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