Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter (AKA Clark Rockefeller) Dateline June 14, 2009 7 Parts

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter (AKA Clark Rockefeller) kidnaps his daughter and flees to Baltimore. His deceived wife (Sandra Boss) works with police. Baltimore realtor recognizes him from wanted notices. FBI arrest him and return the daughter. He claims no memory of his past. His wife was clueless and her private investigator was unable to learn his real identity. When he speaks he reveals he is a deceiver and shows no emotions. He was clearly into his role pretending to be a Rockefeller. Part 1 of 7.
FBI IDs him from fingerprints. Neighbors of Gerhartsreiter in Seigsdorf, Germany recall him as a bully and having a superior opinion of himself. He came to the USA and appeared in Connecticut. He wore out his welcome with the family he lived with beginning his life as a deceiver. When they asked him to leave he enrolled in the University of Wisconsin. He asked, "Do you know who I am?" when he was thrown out of a party. He moved on to San Marino, CA outside of Pasadena taking the name Chris Chichester. He charmed the locals pretending to be an English Baronet. He dated women as young as 12. Part 2 of 7.
Teasers. Part 3 of 7.
Next he moved to New York City taking the name Clark Rockefeller. He fooled an artist pal. Then he married Sandra Boss. They bought a house in Cornish NH. She worked for a high power consultant in Boston. They bought a home on Beacon Hill in Boston. He stayed home to care for their daughter. (This feature did not reveal how he got the money to live the high life in New York City.) His wife divorced him and moved to London. She paid him $800,000 to stay away. Court allowed him three supervised visits per year. Part 4 of 7.
Police discovered his identity after his arrest in Baltimore. He pleaded amnesia and denied he ever said he was a "Rockefeller" claiming his wife took pleasure in his fake persona. He faked emotions in his interview with his lawyer present about losing his daughter, who was probably the first human that showed him love. At his trial he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecutor called him a career conman and claimed he acted with premeditation, violence, deception, not madness. He used his divorce money to purchase gold coins. His wife was fooled for 12 years. Part 5 of 7.
Wife testified he was intelligent and articulate, became controlling and showed a temper. He encouraged her to work long hours and contributed nothing to the family income. He prohibited hiring a nanny. She said to him it was all about the money. Defense attorney tried to blame the wife. She admitted that he never had a driver's license, a passport or a check book. She explained there is a difference between business intelligence and personal intelligence. She said she was brought up among honest people, admitting she had "a blind spot." Two defense psychiatrists testified that he was delusional. A missing CA couple becomes an issue in this case. Part 6 of 7.
Police say he used fake names for 30 years. The jury found him guilty of kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to four to five years in prison. He was named a "person of interest" in the disappearance of a CA couple who was his landlord. Back yard digging raised suspicions. He left and was found in CT with the couple's pick up truck. When a body was found in the CA backyard it became a murder case. Grand jury is sitting in June 2009. Handwriting experts disagree about validity of two post cards received by the couple's family. Gerhartsreiter refuses to talk to CA investigators. His denial is contrived responding to TV interviewer. His response is the most damning of all his comments. It is a lie. Part 7 of 7.

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