Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Winters, Separated at Birth?

Robert Winters, Cambridge City Council watchdog. Separated at Birth from the Cable Stalker Guy? Ever seen them two together?

Robert Winters is owner of a large home in Cambridge, MA, and has a
PhD. from Boston University. He is a part time instructor at two
colleges. He is the longest serving public figure expressing his
opinions about local government. He is a failed candidate for City
Council and for Election Commissioner.

He is reportedly a long term informant for the Boston field office of
the FBI. Nothing wrong with that if you ignore recent history of that
office. One Boston FBI informant, a hitman for the Boston mob, was the
lead witness in a state murder prosecution. He was able to frame four
Boston men for a murder they did not commit. The Boston FBI knew they
were innocent and withheld evidence from the state prosecutors. Two of
the men died in prison. Two were released after 30 years. They sued
the US Government. A US Judge awarded them $101 million plus attorneys
fees. The US Attorney General's office appeals the verdict.

Similarly the City of Cambridge was found guilty of wrongful discharge
and racial discrimination. This is one of about five pending actions.
A state court judge awarded the plaintiff $6 million. The City
Manager, called reprehensible by the judge, wants to appeal.

The Boston FBI had another informant, James Bulger, who was indicted
for 19 homicides. He openly boasted of corrupting local police, state
police and FBI agents. He remains a fugitive after 14 years having
been tipped off by his FBI handler, who is in prison and was convicted
of homicide himself.

Winters abuses his police affiliation with the Boston office of the
FBI to ridicule and to humiliate persons with disabilities. Abuse of
power is considered an entitlement in Cambridge and in Massachusetts.
He openly advocates denying the Right of persons with disabilities to
run for office, the Right to petition the government for redress of
grievances, the Right to access the government, the Right to be heard
by the government. He is admired and celebrated by a large segment of
the Cambridge voters who share his vile opinions.

He is the Deputy Minister of Propaganda of the Cambridge Chapter of the
Conformist Party. He is a vigorous supporter of the status quo.
Cambridge for more than 50 years is a leader in local government
corruption. Winters openly promotes keeping this type of government.

Winters is the publisher of an all-purpose blog about local
government. He copies information from the City web site repeating how
the unelected City Manager spins facts.

In June 2009 a man with a disability went to City Hall to petition the
City Manager and the Mayor. Police arrested him because the offices of
the Mayor and the City Manager did not like his legal protected
behavior and speech. He did not speak in paragraphs as Robert Winters
does. He was not totally rational as Robert Winters is. He was
reportedly "beligerent."

Winters had this to say about the multiple extreme violations of basic
rights of citizens. (June 17, 2009, rwinters online comment on story
"'Mayor of the Universe’ visits Cambridge mayor,'" By Erin Smith,
Cambridge Chronicle, GateHouse, Posted Jun 17, 2009 @ 08:28 AM)


"Perhaps the Chronicle should update its blog post about this:

That blog post seemed to suggest that the staff of the Mayor's office
was overreacting when they called 911. It would now seem that perhaps
they were doing exactly the right thing."

* * *

Winters supports the abuses of power by the City Manager and the
Mayor. Winters gleefully takes advantage of every opportunity to
humiliate persons with disabilities. He openly criticizes persons with
disabilities who run for office, saying they are part of the lunatic

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