Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vanity Fair Essay on Palin Defended

The Vanity Fair article that started the back and forth.


It Came from Wasilla
Vanity Fair
Despite her disastrous performance in the 2008 election, Sarah Palin is still the sexiest brand in Republican politics, with a lucrative book contract for her story. But what Alaska’s charismatic governor wants the public to know about herself doesn’t always jibe with reality. As John McCain’s top campaign officials talk more candidly than ever before about the meltdown of his vice-presidential pick, the author tracks the signs—political and personal—that Palin was big trouble, and checks the forecast for her future.
By Todd S. Purdum
August 2009

Sarah Palin

Politico's Mike Allen appears on MSNBC with Joe Scarborough. They discuss Todd Purdum's article about Gov. Sarah Palin.
John Ziegler questions Mike Allen a Politico Editor, who refuses to answer Ziegler's questions.

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