Monday, August 17, 2009

Carville Ridicules Obama Critics

In this clip James Carville uses the same tactics as Obama, ridiculing his critics as mentally ill. That is shameful on two levels. It marginalizes persons with disabilities. If they are mentally ill then (he suggests) it is OK to ignore what they say or what they believe. That is what mental illness is: what psychiatrists do not like or do not believe. Obama and his PR flack Gibbs act like abusive psychiatrists. Secondly it does not respond to the argument or the allegation that death panels can be used to deny care. The Chicago based disability rights group Not Dead Yet fought such abuses for many years. Death panels are like the screeners for assisted suicide. Persons with disabilities are often encouraged by doctors (who wouldn't want to live like that) to end their lives due to costs and emotions on relatives. It shows the lack of awareness and lack of concern for the rights of persons with disabilities, of Obama and his supporters.


author5000 said...

To the reference about abusive psychiatrists? I'll be adding this song to you tube before Labor Day. I'll also perform it for the annual Veteran's talent show, just to see if the first amendment is alive for a talent show. One can't discuss psych med side effects in group therapy, because "structure," is overrides the first amendment. Therapists assert dictorial power all the time. Hello.


In the middle ages
in most European nations
They used all forms of torture
for the slightest instigation

And now certain medications
your doctor may prescribe
May cause you to really suffer
a long time before you die

Yes, being drawn and quartered
was over very fast
But with a movement disorder
Your agony just won't pass

You'll shimmy and you'll shake
and your doc won't indicate
That it's chemical torture
He'll continue to medicate
(repeat chorus)

You'll be walking like a chicken
when you can move at all
And there's no real remedy
when you stumble and fall

From these medications
the pain is exquisite
Soon you won't be able
to stand or even sit

Thousands of children
from two to seventeen
Can tell everybody
exactly what I mean

In schools across this nation
we recruit this generation
for movement disorders
and other indignations
(repeat chorus)

author5000 said...

Carville would know all about mental illness, wouldn't he?

I'll be putting a song entitled Anti-psychotics on you tube before Labor day. More than 20,000 young children now have movement disorders, a group of side effects from supposedly safe and effective medications.

The chorus for the song is:

Being drawn and quartered was over very fast
But with a movement disorder
your agony won't pass

verse 4
You'll be walking like a chicken
if you can move at all
There's really no remedy when
you stumble and fall

author5000 said...

Why are you surprised that Carville would be so insensitive? The Republicans don't have the corner on cramming people into tight little boxes. What we have is a resurgence of the aristocracy. The party doesn't matter.
Let's start a taxpayer revolt that'd save lots of money for healthcare. Let's refuse to pay for Congress' health care plan. Let them be cared for by the VA. Then they might understand why vets complain. HELLO