Thursday, August 6, 2009

Common Sense is Absent

After a visit from the City's Rodent Control program and a posted memo from Harvard Real Estate tenants at 85-95 Prescott Street are unable to open the door to the dumpster in the rear of the buildings to secure their trash. Perhaps they cannot find the door. Tenants of these buildings are exclusively Harvard affiliates with a very few remaining rent control tenants.
On Wednesday August 5, 2009 at about 9:30 PM there was one bag of trash outside of the dumpster -- a gift to the wildlife of the city. At about 11:30 PM there were three as in this image. About one year ago Harvard assigned new management to 85-95 Prescott Street. They removed the bulletin boards which tenants used to communicate with each other and Harvard used for notices. They replaced it with a glass covered board with a lock and a notice. If you want to post a notice tenants may request permission. An email address is provided. Harvard, joins the White House and the ACLU censoring speech. Then they posted a notice that tenants must remove their names from their mail boxes. The postal service will not deliver mail unless there is a name on the box. The carrier explained that to the new management which did not rescind their memo.
Many people including the City government spent a lot of time trying to reduce the rodent population. There are many more residents and visitors to the City who encourage rodents by leaving food and trash for the wildlife.
After taking and posting images online, after notifying the City and Harvard management about this problem, someone threatened to put me in a hospital. He did not explain if he meant to harm me physically requiring hospitalization, or to use psychiatry. Is he a friend of rodents?

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