Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harvard Square Pub Hosts Spitting Convention?

Was there a secret national spitting convention in Harvard Square?

Daedalus Restaurant near Harvard Square, Cambridge MA, has an upper level and an outdoor dining area overlooking Mt. Auburn Street and Bow Street.

On Friday August 7, 2009 the Boston Red Sox played the New York Yankees in the second of a four game series at Yankee Stadium. At midnight the game was still scoreless. I listened on radio then went out to the Grafton Street Pub at Mass Avenue and Bow Street. I tried Allagash beer made in Portland, Maine. It is served in Allagash glasses provided by the brewer.

In the bottom of the fifteenth inning Alex Rodriguez hit a home run with Derek Jeter on to end the misery at 2-0 Yankees. I commented as I left that A-Rod was dating Kate Hudson. Is that where he gets his power?

I walked to Daedalus to see who was there. A group of six was leaving. One young man said to the doorman, "There's a guy upstairs spitting." Not wanting to get involved in this day of Swine Flu and AIDS, I waited at the entrance to see what would happen. I walked inside and waited on the first floor. The doorman came down. I asked "Is it all over?" He said it was. I went upstairs to see who was there. The doorman followed me. When I got there I asked a waitress, "Did you take care of that?" She said to me in a mocking voice, "Yes, we took care of it." Then the doorman said to me, "You've got to leave if you're not going to have a drink."

Not knowing what to say, I walked out with the doorman close behind me. I wondered if I had stumbled on a secret convention of spitters? I did not see the doorman lead the spitter out. Why did he make me leave? Did he know I'm a Yankee fan? If that was the reason I am fortunate with the way that Red Sox fans attack Yankee fans in Cambridge. I got away cheap.
Perhaps it was all a slapstick comedy sketch by Harvard Lampoon members which I missed. The Lampoon building (shown here) is less than one block away.

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