Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harvard Nourishes City Wildlife

This is the latest example of Harvard's negligence regarding rodent control in the City of Cambridge. It is a long term problem which City employees and residents spent many hours trying to address. But Harvard is exempt from encouraging rodents on their property. Is this a result of the City Manager's misguided policies to permit Harvard to exist as a separate entity exempt from city and state laws? Restricting City police from enforcing city ordinances and state laws may allow drug dealers and under age drinking to thrive on Harvard property. But it does little to encourage respect for the Constitution and laws of the land. It encourages elitism and a feeling of entitlement to Harvard affiliates to be above the laws of man. These images were taken at about 5:00 PM on Sunday August 16, 2009. After almost three weeks of complaints to the City Rodent Control officers, Harvard residents of 85-95 Prescott Street continue to leave trash available for city wildlife. In July 2009 Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates accessed Harvard's Old Boys Network. He called upon the President of the US (a Harvard Lawyer), the Governor of MA (a Harvard lawyer), the District Attorney of Middlesex, the Attorney General of MA (married to a supervising Cambridge police officer), and the Mayor of Cambridge to have the most famous arrest for disorderly conduct in the history of the world, dismissed before arraignment. It appears that the same Old Boys Network allows Harvard to remain unaccountable to attracting rodents to their property. They already used three special campus cops to intimidate me. Stopping to ask me if I was taking pictures is one thing. But to actively harass me for a week after I explained why I was taking pictures, that is a felony violation of state and US laws. MA Civil Rights statute (MA Gen Laws, Ch. 265, Sec. 37
; and Title 42 US Code Ch. 1983,
Title 42 Ch. 1985
. Knowing that Harvard remains above the laws of man and unaccountable for violations of city, state, and US laws it is unlikely that any of their employees or police officers will be restrained from continuing to abuse their privileges and powers granted by the state government and the MA taxpayers. Harvard's Old Boys Network is alive and well even with the first female President of Harvard running the network.
The Cambridge City Council spent many hours discussing and rewriting the city ordinances to try to control the rodent population of the city. They spent taxpayer funds purchasing new barrels and declared manners and times in which trash may be stored and placed out for collection. All of their efforts remain meaningless, an exercise in futility due to the Old Boys Network which rules the USA. Is this the change that Obama brought to the White House?

Link to Harvard Crimson story about Harvard cutting janitor's hours.

FAS Cuts Janitor Hours
School officials say the moves save jobs, but union calls reductions 'drastic,' 'unnecessary'
Saturday, August 15, 2009 1:05 PM
Crimson Staff Writer

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