Monday, August 10, 2009

Harvard Trash, Negligent Police Training, City Mismanagement

Please take notice that tenants at 85-95 Prescott Street continue to place trash in unsecured places. One below image is of two bags of trash at about 11:15 PM on August 10, 2009 inside the basement near the door to the outside rear. As I took this image I noticed someone in the laundry room at that hour -- 11:15 PM. I exited the building because I also saw another trash bag outside of the dumpster at the same time. The second image shows one bag outside of the dumpster. It was there at 11:15 PM on Monday August 10, 2009 and again at 8:00 AM Tuesday August 11, 2009 when I captured this image.

I had gone out earlier but returned to get my camera to take these images. When I was focusing on the bag near the dumpster, two women (I assumed they were tenants) came out from the basement of 85 Prescott Street. One of them carried two bags. She placed one in the dumpster and one she brought to the recycling barrels. The other woman said to her "Let's go." I was unable to be certain that one of them was a neighbor who regularly threatens me with harm, death, suicide and arrests. I decided to wait until daylight.

On Monday August 10, 2009 I began to go do an errand then changed my mind and returned to the building at about 11:20 PM. As I passed 95 Prescott Street two HUPD officers appeared on Prescott Street--officers Morrison and Christian. They asked me if I was taking pictures in the rear of the building. I said I was. We then got into a discussion about new tenants and trash, the history of abuses by Harvard Real Estate, Harvard police jurisdiction and negligent training. Because they are new officers they did not know any of the history of HUPD abuses and the role of City Emergency dispatchers diverting calls to Harvard. HUPD Officer Rea joined the discussion. Officer Christian kept telling me that it is a Harvard building. I told him I am a resident and that I knew it is a Harvard building. He kept reminding me of that. Officer Morrison wanted to make a report and send a copy to Harvard Real Estate. I said that it is not a police matter. I was trying to save them and me time. Officers Christian and Morrison were persistent trying to help solve the trash problem. I tried to explain that about one year ago a new property manager was appointed and that is when problems began.

I tried to explain that HUPD does not have jurisdiction to enforce city ordinances. Christian again reminded me that it is a Harvard building. He asked me who has first jurisdiction. I said City police. He disagreed. I said HUPD was not properly trained. Officer Christian asked me, "Do you want to train us?" I replied, "Harvard is not paying me to train you." I explained that this problem is a misguided policy of the City Manager. After about 15 minutes of discussions they left and I went back to my apartment.

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