Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roy Bercaw Speaks to City Council February 12 2007

Speaking as the Chief Ethical Advisor and Ultimate Moral Authority for the Mid Cambridge Chapter of the American Council on Mendacity, Roy Bercaw presents an award to the City as the Most Mendacious City. He comments on the City Manager taking land on Gore Street by eminent domain without and notice to taxpayers. Bercaw asks about Be Curious Day in the city schools.He suggests the only way to rid the city of rodents is by banning people and food. Limiting the city to Biotech Companies and alcohol would work. He reports that the District Attorney issued an opinion that the Green Room where the City Councilors (but no poor citizens) dine on taxpayer dimes, is not part of the Council Chambers for voting. Regarding bicycle racks in Central Square Bercaw suggests removing sidewalks to make room for more racks. He asks why the City Manager asks for over time appropriations for the Water Department for medical expenses. How can he know the future? Bercaw asks what benefits the viewers get for the $850,000 that CCTV gets from the City each year plus private donations.

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