Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Security Guards Watch as Teen Girl is Attacked

AP: Three security guards watched a group of teens punch, kick and rob a 15-year-old girl in the downtown Seattle Metro bus tunnel without intervening. Security video shows the guards call for help on their radios, but they don't go to the aid of the girl even as she is being kicked in the head. A dispute involving a group of 10 teens apparently started inside a department store the evening of Jan. 28, 2010 and moved to the bus tunnel at Westlake Station, where the girl was attacked.

KING-TV reports: The guards are not trained police officers or Metro Transit employees. They're contract workers from Olympic Security Services out of Tukwila. According to their contract, the guards are to "observe and report" problems, not to get involved. Metro Transit General Manager Kevin Desmond says that policy is now out of date.

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