Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Senate Candidate's Signs Posted Illegally

These four images were captured at about 8:30 PM on Wednesday February 17, 2010 on Mass Avenue between Prospect Street and Temple Street, Cambridge MA. Mr. Dennis Benzan is an attorney in Massachusetts. He is a candidate for State Senate Democratic nomination to replace Anthony Galluccio who resigned after being jailed for violation of probation. Cambridge is a city with pervasive relaxed rectitude. Mr. Benzan is a suitable candidate for this public office. He indicates his disdain for laws by posting his signs on public polls along a public avenue contrary to law. As an officer of the court perhaps he believes he is above the laws. Ordinary citizens are arrested and fined for violations of laws. How many lawyers or politicians are punished in Mass when they violate state or local laws? Perhaps this is one more pattern of behavior in Cambridge for the $130,000 taxpayer funded Review Committee to study. Ahem!

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