Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cambridge Review Committee Part 1 of 4

The Cambridge City Manager and the Police Commissioner created a Review Committee funded with $130,000 of taxpayer cash money. Its mission is to study the most famous disorderly conduct arrest in the history of the world, and the culture of racism and classism in Cambridge. This city is primarily focused on and funds studying these two kinds of discrimination. Bias against persons with disabilities is ignored because persons with disabilities are not whole persons? Because they do not have a PAC? Because they are all uneducated slugs? The Review Committee will not say.
LET IT GO: Henry Louis Gates Jr. said...
Photo by Boston Herald file
LET IT GO: Henry Louis Gates Jr. said he’ll donate the handcuffs used in his arrest to the Smithsonian.

Multi millionaire tenured Harvard professor Henry Gates, Jr. ("Do you know who I am?") was arrested and held for four hours. Within one week, before arraignment the President of the US, the Governor of Massachusetts, the Mayor of Cambridge all spoke out officially "to make this go away." Few observers see any problem with those officials abusing their power. The District Attorney abdicated his power and allowed a private attorney and the city solicitor to negotiate the dismissal of the charge. This is an example of an extreme abuse of the police powers, which is a common occurrence in Massachusetts. A Boston FBI informant who ran the Irish crime family that controls Massachusetts was charged with 19 homicides while working for the FBI. The Boston FBI was focused on ethnic cleansing of Italians from organized crime in MA. The FBI framed four white men for murder. Two died in prison. Two were released after 30 years. A US judge awarded $101 million, which the Justice Department appeals. In February 2010 a Harvard trained woman neurobiologist Amy Bishop ("Do you know who I am?"), allegedly shot and killed three colleagues at the University of Alabama after she was denied tenure. Previously she killed her brother in Braintree, MA near Boston, but was not charged. She was also not charged after a pipe bomb was found in her boss's home after she received a poor work review at Harvard. Other states have a less relaxed rectitude. Alabama charged her with capital murder. This is Part 1 of 4.

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