Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Racial Extortion in Albany?

“Paterson directly told [casino mogul Steve] Wynn he needed to have a minority partner, so he went and got Jay-Z. "
I thought that minorities were weak and vulnerable. They can dictate who gets contracts from government agencies? This abuse of race is not limited to New York state. I've been told the same thing in Cambridge, MA that in order to have a state agency consider a complaint one must have a black partner. Isn't that racial extortion? What happened to the equal protection clause? Is it only for homosexuals, blacks and women?

[NYPost online entry missing]
Jay-Z stake in Aqueduct slots deal draws scrutiny

By FREDRIC U. DICKER in Albany and ANNIE KARNI in New York City

New York Post

Page 4

12:57 PM, February 21, 2010

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