Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Michael Savage Interviews Gale Nordling on EMP Feb 16 2010

Gale Nordling President and CEO of Emprimus Corporation of Minneapolis, Minnesota appeared on the Michael Savage radio show on Tuesday February 16, 2010. An engineer and an attorney he spoke about Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons which can be used by police to stop fleeing vehicles. He said the military is prepared to defend against these weapons. But the civilian sector is vulnerable. Computers and most electronic equipment with a chip can be burned by the EMP. Data can be destroyed. Nordling's company Emprimus is focused on providing technical assistance to civilians to shield against EMP attacks. It appears that civilians are clueless and think that anyone who speaks about these weapons is mentally ill. Criminals in and out of government who use these weapons also say that people who speak about them are mentally ill. It is not easy to tell who knows and who does not. I was only able to capture about six minutes of the segment with Nordling.

For more information see
or search this blog or any search engine using "electrical weapons," "less lethal,"
"electromagnetic radiation."

Massachusetts state law makes possession of these weapons a felony. Massachusetts police refuse to investigate complaints demanding evidence of USE which is improper or negligent training.
Mass Gen Laws Chapter 140 Section 131 J

Parts of Michigan law below which applies to electronic and electromagnetic devices is Public Law 256 2003 and 257 2003. Michigan provides serious penalties.
Go to:

and enter the above law number and year information for the full law.

Maine has a law which is not yet online. Sec. 1. MRSA 1058 is enacted to read:
1058. Possession of electronic weapon. If I can get a link I'll post it here.

As Nordling says the technology is public, and anyone can use it. Police, criminals, psychiatrists, politicians have been known to employ these devices to annoy, to harass, to disable, and to try to kill their targets.

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