Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cambridge MA Elections 2007 PAC

Cambridge MA Parents Advisory Council School Committee candidate panel October 10, 2007, CRLS, main cafeteria.
This is the full forum with "uhs," "ohs," and spilled champagne cocktails edited out. It runs about 50 minutes. This is exclusive video. No other video camera was present and working besides mine.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Deputy Sheriff with Prosthetic Leg Catches Fleeing Suspect

This brief clip from the FOX-TV Show COPS shows a Deputy Sheriff with a prosthetic leg chasing down a suspect. It is highly unlikely the Cambridge MA Police Department or many other police departments which have offensive attitudes toward persons with disabilities would hire this man. This officer has a physical disability, which does not prevent him from acting as a police officer. This Deputy deserves much praise and admiration for his determination and for his successes.
If he was accused of a mental disability he would never be considered for the job. Police are the most abusive toward persons with non physical disabilities. They often attribute mental illness to persons who challenge their unlawful policies regarding persons with disabilities. They are unaware that the law protects persons so accused. But the police and the taxpayer funded lawyers who are paid to protect such persons do not do so.
Cambridge, MA the holier than thou community of the world, is having an election for nine city councilors and six school committee members. As of October 3, 2007, there were three candidate forums (question and answer sessions). Three more are planned. There was one forum for the school committee candidates. Not one school committee candidate asked a question about the rights of persons with disabilities. One city council candidate mentioned the issue. YouTube censored this video clip allegedly due to complaints from the COPS tv show.