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NY Academic Wants Cop Killer Treated Like Martin Luther King, Jr.

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[From article]
Baruch College History Professor Joanna Fernandez argued that unrepentant convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, who murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981 by shooting him five times in the face, should be celebrated in schools just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She also argued using words like "militant" and "convicted cop killer" to describe Mumia, is racist. Another nice nugget? A California teacher's union feels the same way.

History Professor: Convicted Cop Killer Mumia Should Be Celebrated Like Martin Luther King Jr. in Schools
Katie Pavlich
Jul 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ebola Virus Major Threat To World Health

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[From article]
Health officials in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, fearing that the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa could go global, are quarantining airline passengers from the region who have shown symptoms of the disease.
The outbreak -- the largest in history -- has spread across Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone and killed at least 672 people, according to the World Health Organization. The disease has no vaccine and no specific treatment. It has a fatality rate of at least 60%.

Global authorities on alert over Ebola outbreak
Kim Hjelmgaard and Doug Stanglin
1:10 p.m. EDT July 30, 2014

Updated: Fugitive Accused of Child Abuse, Found, Shot Dead in NYC After Shooting At NYPD

Posted July 28, 2014 9:15 PM ET; Last updated July 30, 2014 8:50 PM ET

Here is a fitting end to a thoughtful young man who took time from his busy schedule serving humanity abusing children, then not appearing for his arraignment in Colorado. He traveled to Georgia, Mexico and found a job in New York City in Greenwich Village near the Sixth Avenue Fourth Street IND subway station.  Possessing a pistol, he took exception to NYPD and U.S. Marshals apprehending him, and opened fire.  It shows how unimportant he was. No one was watching him when he abused the children or as he traveled about the nation crossing into Mexico and back. But in Cambridge MA the best practices using police powers is indicated by 24/7 surveillance and harassment of a 70-year-old white man who was drugged by government psychiatrists then used for 15 years by the FBI, to fight organized crime, and was never paid one cent. For 40 years local police, crime families, Communists and FBI informants took turns harassing the man. Currently Harvard University employees cover the summer vacation period. Relentless character assassination by above mentioned groups made his life exciting. It shows the priority of the organizations which run the nation. Bully the weak and let violent people roam free. The solution of the White House is more same sex marriage, more illegal aliens and more 
executive orders. 

[From article]
Fugitive child molester Charles Mozdir lived as “John Smith’’ for at least a year and a half in the heart of Greenwich Village, posing as just ­another quirky, shaggy-haired denizen amid the tourist-filled boutiques and seedy sex shops.
The one-time baby-faced California native settled in the Village with his black lab, Lucky, and grew a ZZ Top’ beard because he knew the area “is notorious for weirdos,’’ a law-­enforcement source told The Post on Tuesday.

Predator tried to blend in with West Village ‘weirdos’
By Antonio Antenucci, Priscilla DeGregory, Selim Algar and Jamie Schram
New York Post
July 30, 2014 | 12:29am
* * *

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[From article]
The shooting happened just after 1pm in the West Village not far from New York University when a fugitive apprehension task force tried to serve a warrant at a shop called Smoking Culture NYC.
The store sells items including bongs, cigarettes and cigars and it is believed that Mozdir was behind the counter and working when the authorities showed up.
Two U.S. Marshals and an NYPD detective were wounded in the shooting which erupted at around 1pm today.
[. . .]
the detective's life had been saved by his bullet-proof vest.
[. . .]
she heard a loud noise and when she looked out her front window she noticed the shop was surrounded by a number of unmarked cars and there was a helicopter overhead.
[. . .]
'What is really upsetting is that he was a sex offender and that he had a gun,' she told MailOnline.
[. . .]
A $1 million bench warrant was issued for Mozdir's arrest on June 15, 2012, after he skipped an arraignment in San Diego Superior Court on child sexual assault charges, according to Steve Walker, a spokesman for the San Diego County district attorney. He had posted $250,000 bail.
Mozdir had been wanted on five counts of lewd acts upon a child younger than 14 and a charge of attempting to keep a witness from prosecuting a crime, according to the criminal complaint.
The one-time wedding photographer has been accused by a family friend of molesting her seven-year-old son while babysitting him in Coronado, near San Diego.
After he disappeared, investigators had found sickening images of child pornography and bestiality on his cell phone and computers at his home.
[. . .]
Law enforcement had hunted him from California to Mexico to the deep south and finally to New York City.
[. . .]
Mozdir allegedly molested a young boy whose parents were friends of his while he served as a babysitter in June 2012, reported CNN in The Hunt.
He molested the boy while his mother slept in bed next to him, his father told CNN.

Pictured: Sex offender on the run for two years for molesting two young boys is killed after shooting two U.S. Marshals and an NYPD detective in lunch-time Greenwich Village gun battle
A sex offender who had been on the run for two years has been shot dead following a dramatic shoot-out in New York City on Monday afternoon
Charles Mozdir, 32, had been being accused of molesting two young boys in California in 2012
Two federal marshals and a police officer were wounded in the incident in Greenwich Village
They have been taken to hospital, but are expected to live
The incident happened at a shop called Smoking Culture NYC where the fugitive apprehension task force attempted to make an arrest
Mozdir's case featured on a recent episode of CNN's The Hunt
A tip-off received after the TV program aired on Sunday is believed to have led to the task force closing in on Mozdir at his place of work
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 13:01 EST, 28 July 2014 | UPDATED: 16:15 EST, 28 July 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Homeland Security Thugs Seize Vehicle For EPA

Since DHS armed thugs are prevented from enforcing border laws, they need to be kept busy. The thoughtful Secretary of Homeland Security directed these armed thugs to seize a car which did not meet the standards for the EPA. Is that what public safety is all about? It explains that the priorities are not only misguided in Cambridge MA where local police and the FBI stalk, harass and insult a 70-year-old white male that they say is crazy. The $2 billion annual funded MA Human Services Industrial Complex, (MA State Rep. Marie Parente's term) stands by and watches.

get video
[From article]
In another example of how the Department of Homeland Security has expanded far outside the purview of its original function, six vehicles full of DHS agents were required to seize a Land Rover from a couple in Statesville, N.C. due to the fact that the vehicle allegedly violates EPA emission standards.

Protecting America from the deadly threat posed by vehicles which flout emission standards
JULY 29, 2014

New Exterior Lighting At Harvard University

These are images of the new exterior lights on the front of the building at 85 Prescott Street. The lights at 95 Prescott Street may have the same problem. Each light has a shade inside of the cover. But the position of it directs light toward the windows of the apartment nearby, and shades light directed toward the front steps. It is the opposite of what one would expect the shade to do.  

Daytime image of the light on the left of the front door. Notice the shade (dark area) on the right side of this light, which blocks light toward the front steps. It is not known why this light is on during daytime especially in view of the Harvard University major effort to save energy.

Daytime image of the light on the right of the front door. Notice the shade (dark area) on the left side of this light, which blocks light toward the front steps. This light also was on during daytime hours.

This image shows the placement allowing light to shine into the nearby window.

This image shows the placement allowing light to shine into the nearby window.

This night time image shows how light shines toward the apartment window, but is blocked toward the steps. 

This night time image shows how light shines toward the apartment window, but is blocked toward the steps. 

This night time image shows how light shines toward the apartment window, but is blocked toward the steps. 

This night time image shows how light shines toward the apartment window, but is blocked toward the steps. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Harvard's Dancing Cranes

These cranes which appear to be dancing are in Brighton Massachusetts. They are part of a major construction project of Harvard University developing previously empty land, which Harvard University acquired and is now building up and filling in. The dark image is the building under construction. These images were captured on July 22, 2014, near dusk.

Anti Semitic Vandalism In Miami

[From article]
On Saturday, a family who lives along Meridian Avenue in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Miami Beach found their cars had been vandalized as they left to attend a service at their synagogue.
“They wrote “Hamas” on the back of the car window and they wrote “Jew,’”

Synagogue Vandalized In NE Miami-Dade
July 28, 2014 12:22 PM
CBS News Miami FL

Extensive Corruption at Eric "White People Are Cowards" Holder's Department of Justice

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[From article]
Despite its agreement to settle a lawsuit filed by the National Organization for Marriage against the IRS for the illegal disclosure of confidential tax information, it has not prosecuted any of the individuals or organizations who illegally disclosed and published that information.
The IRS, which was represented by Justice Department lawyers in the civil case, agreed to pay NOM $50,000 at the end of June over the agency’s illegal disclosure of confidential tax return information. 501(c)(4) organizations like NOM are required to file an IRS tax form, Schedule B, listing all of their donors who have contributed more than $5,000. But under federal law, that information is not available to the public since forced disclosure would obviously violate the First Amendment rights of the organization.
In March of 2012, NOM discovered that its Schedule B with all of its confidential information had been posted on the website of the Human Rights Campaign and the Huffington Post, disclosing the names and addresses of major donors. NOM is a conservative organization trying to preserve traditional marriage and the Human Rights Campaign is a very liberal, pro-gay rights organization that is a big ally of the Obama administration and devoted political enemy of NOM. In fact, HRC’s president at the time was Joe Solmonese, the co-chair of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. This list generated stories such as in the Huffington Post critical of Mitt Romney because a political action committee linked to Romney had contributed to NOM.
[. . .]
There is no question that the IRS violated federal law when it disclosed NOM’s confidential donor information. That is why DOJ agreed to settle the case and pay NOM a large sum of money. But under the applicable law, 26 U.S.C. §7213, everyone involved in the disclosure – and the publication – also may have criminally violated the law, from the IRS employee to Matthew Meisel to the HRC and the Huffington Post. That is because it is a felony punishable by up to five years in jail to not only willfully disclose confidential tax returns, but “to print or publish in any manner” such returns.
[. . .]
Holder put an Obama campaign donor who works in the Civil Rights Division in charge of the investigation – a lawyer with no experience in this type of investigation at all.
As we outline in our new book, Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department, the attorney general has politicized the Justice Department to an unprecedented degree never seen before. This is just another example of it. Holder is an ideologue and a politician first, someone who considers himself part of the president’s political team, and the attorney general of the United States a very distant third. Race and politics infuse all of his decisions and the decisions made by his subordinates and appointees throughout the department.

28 Jul 2014, 6:21 AM PDT

Hillary Clinton: Hamas Uses Schools For Weapons Storage Because "Gaza is Small"

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[From article]
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Fusion TV's Jorge Ramos that part of the reason Hamas hides rockets in schools and civilian areas is "Gaza is small."
"I'm not a military planner but Hamas puts it's missiles, it's rockets in civilian areas, part of it is Gaza is pretty small and its densely populated," she said as neglecting the question of whether or not Hamas should have rockets in area to begin with.

28 Jul 2014, 10:40 AM PDT

Origins Of Anti Semitism in Socialism

[From article]
“How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-Semite?” Adolf Hitler asked his party members in 1920. No one thought it an odd question. Anti-Semitism was at that time widely understood to be part of the broader revolutionary movement against markets, property and capital.
The man who coined the term “socialism,” the nineteenth-century French revolutionary, Pierre Leroux, had told his comrades: “When we speak of the Jews, we mean the Jewish spirit – the spirit of profit, of lucre, of gain, of speculation; in a word, the banker’s spirit.”
The man who popularised the term “anti-Semitism” had taken a similar line. Wilhelm Marr, a radical nineteenth-century German Leftist, may not have been the first person to use the word, but he certainly – and approvingly – brought it to a wide audience: “Anti-Semitism is a Socialist movement,” he pronounced, “only nobler and purer in form than Social Democracy”.
[. . .]
Not untypical was Karl Marx himself, whose writings on “the Jewish Question” have, again, been tidied away from popular recollection. The grandson of two rabbis, he disliked all religions, but reserved a vehemence for Judaism that we never find in his writings on Christianity – about which he could be rather sentimental, though he deplored its corruption by the “Jewish spirit”. In 1844, the odious cadger wrote:
The essence of Judaism and the root of the Jewish soul is expediency and self-interest; the God of Israel is Mammon, who expresses himself in the lust for money. Judaism is the embodiment of anti-social attitudes.
[. . .]
Hannah Arendt recorded how, at his trial, Adolf Eichmann, who had read several Zionist tracts and learned some Hebrew and Yiddish, argued with evident sincerity that, in seeking to remove Jews from Europe, he had hoped to realise the vision a Jewish state in Palestine. Similarly, when the father of Zionism, the Assyrian-bearded Theodor Herzl, protested to Tsarist officials about pogroms, he was told that they were intended to give “your people” a helpful push in the right direction.

Left-wing anti-Semitism is anything but a new phenomenon
By Daniel Hannan
Last updated: July 28th, 2014

Despicable Attacks On Jews In Chicago

SHOCK: Jewish students shown ‘photos of ovens and told to get in’ by classmates in Chicago
July 27, 2014

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Al Quds Rally in Toronto July 26, 2014... No one is allowed to use this video without the permission of the producer.

MA Residents Protest Illegal Alien Invasion. Media Distorts Message

Posted on Jul 26, 2014 at 3:06 PM i
Wow! HUGE protest against illegal immigration in Massachusetts!
By soopermexican

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Radio talk show host Jeff Kuhner speaks during a rally to protest the possibility that Massachusetts may host immigrant children

[Weasel Zippers]
It’s funny how the Boston Herald video doesn’t include the portion of the speech where radio host Jeff Kuhner welcomed Hispanics and legal immigrants, and the audience applauded. See, that won’t help push their narrative that these protests are racially motivated and against all immigrants.

Here’s that video:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Judge Jeanine Recognizes Source of Muslim Violence

Is the reason that few if any major journalists report on religious violence, that none of them know what the Crusades was? Politicians, and young people are mostly clueless regarding history. The Crusades is unknown to them. Without an understanding of that the current worldwide violence by Muslims makes little sense.

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Christianity Under Attack - Danger From Radical Muslim (sic)?
Justice With Judge Jeanine
Are Christian (sic) Worldwide In Danger From Radical Muslim (sic)

Hamas Broke Every Cease Fire Agreement

Published on Jul 27, 2014
Netanyahu: Hamas Has Broken All Cease Fires We Have Agreed To
July 27, 2014

Sarah Palin Launches Online TV Channel

[From article]
“I want to talk directly to you on our channel, on my terms — and no need to please the powers that be,” Palin, who is also a Fox News contributor, said in a video announcing the channel. “Together, we’ll go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”
Palin is producing the channel in partnership with Tapp, the online-video venture formed by Jeff Gaspin, former chairman of NBCUniversal Television, and Jon Klein, former president of CNN U.S.

Sarah Palin Launches Her Own TV Channel OnlineTodd Spangler
NY Digital Editor @xpangler
JULY 27, 2014 | 06:58PM PT

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sarah Palin Exposes Eric Holder's Racism

[video embedded]
[From article]
Palin slammed Holder, saying, "I don't need lectures from Eric Holder." Taunting him, she continued, "Not many cabinet members in U.S. history have been held in contempt of Congress."
The Tea Party firebrand urged, "instead of shamelessly playing that race card," he should look at the protests in black and latino communities about the resources going to the illegal immigrant children flooding across the U.S. Mexico border.
Palin said, "That racism charge is a disgusting, false charge. Just because someone opposes a failed unjust agenda that makes them a racist, Mr. Attorney General?"

19 Jul 2014

Pro Amnesty Immigration Activist Swims Across Rio Grande

[video embedded]
[From article]
Jorge Ramos, the amnesty advocate and fierce questioner, took a swim across the Rio Grande river on Friday to follow the journey of Central American children.
Ramos, who is also a Univision anchor and has been praised by Matt Drudge for asking politicians tougher questions than his fellow liberals in the mainstream press, said his stories will air on the Fusion network "soon."

19 Jul 2014

Pro Terrorists Attack Pro Israeli Demonstrators in Calgary, Canada

Calgary Alberta police report

Published on Jul 19, 2014
Jews attacked for peacefully assembling for Israel in Calgary, Alberta Canada July 18, 2014

[violence begins at about 1:00, fist fights at 4:00]

DC Delegate To Congress Says No Right To Know What White House Does

[From article]
Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting congressional delegate for the District of Columbia, angrily sputtered during a congressional hearing Friday that the White House should not be held up to scrutiny, saying that there was no right to know what it was doing behind closed doors.
"You don't have a right to know everything in a separation-of-powers government, my friend. That is the difference between a parliamentary government and a separation-of-powers government," Norton said during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.
It was, to put mildly, a significant departure from the more traditional liberal stance that openness and transparency are must to prevent abuses of power by government officials. Instead the leading advocate for statehood for the District of Columbia literally argued that even the congressional committee charged with oversight shouldn't be asking questions in the first place.

Eleanor Holmes Norton says 'you don't have a right to know' what's going on in government
JULY 25, 2014 | 4:38 PM

Mayor Of Lynn, MA Called Racist For Objecting To Illegal Alien Invasion

[From article]
After the altercation, Kennedy told MassLive activists have also accused her of racism. “If people understood that this from the city of Lynn’s perspective is a purely economic issue; when I have an increase of 10 percent in my school system of new kids that’s more resources that I have to direct to our school system,” Kennedy said. “Lynn doesn’t have that money.”

Mayor in Town Besieged by Migrants Accosted by Activists
By Ryan Lovelace
July 25, 2014 4:00 PM

Friday, July 25, 2014

Gingrich: Make Pentagon Into A Triangle

[From article]
Gingrich honored the 20th anniversary of his “Contract with America” by pointing conservatives back to a key point in his Republican blueprint, arguing that federal bureaucracy cannot simply be “fixed” but must be overhauled and replaced.
The Pentagon, Gingrich stressed, must be included in this overhaul.
“You have 23,000 people working in a building built in the middle of World War II using paper-based bureaucratic models,” he said. “Now, if we’re going to be tough-minded about government bureaucracy, why wouldn’t we be tough-minded about the Pentagon?”

Newt Gingrich: ‘Turn the Pentagon Into a Triangle’
Natalie Johnson
July 24, 2014 /
Published on Jul 23, 2014
In 1994, after languishing in the minority for 40 years, the Republicans decided to stop being the me-too party. They took a principled conservative stand against the reigning liberal dogmas -- and won big, taking control of Congress. Key to this victory was Newt Gingrich's Contract with America, a conservative agenda that rallied Americans in favor of limited government and promised to reform the way Congress worked.

Australian Terrorist Exhibits Human Heads

[video embedded]
[From article]
With sunglasses tucked into his shirt, an Australian terrorist smiles as he holds up two decapitated heads for the camera in Syria.
Sydney born boxer Mohamed Elomar casually poses with the severed heads in photos posted on Twitter by his friend, convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf.
Another image, uploaded on Friday, shows the heads of alleged Syrian solders being impaled on metal railings.
[. . .]
On Thursday night Attorney General George Brandis's spokesman told The Australian that 'if real, these photos are evidence of serious crimes against Australian law and possible war crimes.'
[. . .]
Just half an hour earlier, he claimed 'Australia belongs to the muslims not infidels like you' as well as boasting of his evasion of police.

'Bucket full of heads any1 in aus want some organs please dont be shy to ask': Smirking Australian terrorist poses with decapitated heads in sickening pictures posted online
Khaled Sharrouf posted the pictures on Twitter on Friday
His friend Mohamed Elomar is seen holding up severed heads
Both men fled Australia for Syria in December last year
They are fighting for terror group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)
Sharrouf has been taunting Australian police on social media
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 19:53 EST, 24 July 2014 | UPDATED: 04:34 EST, 25 July 2014

CAIR Denies Hamas is a Terrorist Organization

Video: Pro-Palestinian Guest On Hannity Refuses To Call Hamas A Terrorist Organization

Israel Pursues Hamas Terrorists in Gaza

Chained up: This photo shows suspected Hamas militants who have been rounded up chain-gang style by Israeli soldiers during the Israel-Gaza conflict. They were captured after the Army entered the Gaza strip

[video embedded]
[From article]
During the offensive, 30 Israeli soldiers were killed and dozens more injured, while numerous militants are also believed to have lost their lives.
Following their capture, the suspects were forced to wear blue overalls, before being blindfolded and made to sit in a small enclosure with barbed wire fencing.

Suspected Hamas militants rounded up chain gang-style by Israeli soldiers during Gaza offensive
Suspected Hamas militants captured by Israeli soldiers during offensive
One photo shows them chained together in two lines with hands on heads
Another picture depicts four of them walking in chains while blindfolded
Since the conflict began in Gaza, nearly 790 Palestinians have been killed
Philip Hammond today expressed 'concern' for rising civilian death toll
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 15:43 EST, 24 July 2014 | UPDATED: 15:58 EST, 24 July 2014

Two CA Women Convicted Of Killing Young Woman Writer

Pham was an aspiring writer whose work was published online and in an anthology of works by Vietnamese-American writers

[video embedded]
[From article]
Two women accused of pummeling and kicking a 23-year-old woman who died after a fight outside a California nightclub have been convicted of felony manslaughter but acquitted on far more serious second-degree murder charges.

Pham, who went by the first name Kim, graduated from Chapman University last year and would have celebrated her first wedding anniversary last month

Candace Brito, 27, and Vanesa Zavala, 26, had pleaded not guilty in the death of Annie Hung Kim Pham, who was taken off life support after the fight outside the Santa Ana bar-restaurant in the early morning hours of Jan. 18.

Video footage of the fight was played during Candace Brito and Vanesa Zavala's two week trial which reached a verdict on Thursday

Several jurors cried openly as the verdicts were read on Thursday afternoon. The case had drawn enormous attention after Pham’s death, in part because the brawl that was captured by several bystanders on cellphone video that will provide key evidence in the case.

Two women found GUILTY of beating newly-wed to death outside a California nightclub after 'accidental photobomb' incident facing up to 11 years in prison
Candace Brito, 27, and Vanesa Zavala, 26, were found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and assault on Thursday after a two week trial
They face up to 11 years in prison but were acquitted on a far more serious charge of second-degree murder
Annie Hung Kim Pham was taken off life support days after the fight outside a Santa Ana bar-restaurant in the early morning hours of Jan. 18
The prosecutor had alleged that Pham and her friends were taking a photo outside the club when another woman bummed into her
The incident sparked a verbal fight that led to the fatal beating with video footage showing both Brito and Zavala landing blows on Pham
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 17:58 EST, 24 July 2014 | UPDATED: 23:42 EST, 24 July 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Philadelphia McDonald's Worker Busted Selling Crack

[video embedded]
[From article]
“When not working as a crew and preparing food, he was out in the rear parking lot selling crack cocaine. So in a sense, it can give you a new definition of what may be considered a happy meal,” Block said.
During a news conference Wednesday, Block said there is concern that Trammell was working in food preparation while handling the drugs.

Cops: Main Line McDonald’s Worker Was Selling Drugs While On The Job
July 23, 2014 12:05 PM
CBS News Philadelphia PA

Barnicle (FBI?) Says Ordinary People Too Stupid to Judge Hillary Clinton

Some people think Mr. Barnicle is an FBI informant. That would explain his arrogant attitude toward ordinary people. 

Published on Jul 22, 2014

Journalist Mike Barnicle petulantly whined that the American people are too stupid to be able to judge Hillary Clinton's failure as the Secretary of State after a new poll showed many weren't impressed with her credentials. After dismissing the poll as "absurd," he then demanded to know from Julie Pace, Associated Press reporter, why everyone's being so mean to Hillary. Pace actually answered pretty well, but Barnicle anger is hilarious in manifesting the petty demand that everyone just accept Hillary without discussion or debate.

Pro Palestinians In Miami Shout "We Are Hamas;" Obama Attends Fund Raiser

The State Department says Hamas is a terrorist organization. But these people admit they belong and no one is arresting them? Obama has become the enabler for anti Israeli rhetoric in this country. 

[From article]
if you have been anywhere near a street corner in a major city or close to an electronic device that emits sounds, then undoubtedly you have heard the battle jingle of the “Arab Street” along with their pseudo-
Marxist trust fund baby comrades, together spewing, “From-the-River-to-the-Sea, Palestine-will-be-Free.”
[. . .]
As Israel is in a battle for its very existence watch our special presentation and understand that the HAMAS members on the street corner in Miami are the same exact people that the IDF are fighting in the tunnels of Gaza. In a very real sense the disposition of the war in Gaza will have a profound effect on the wannabe jihadis in Miami. If HAMAS is victorious in Gaza, which means anything less than their total military destruction, then our home-grown Miami HAMAS will pen a new iteration of an this old jingle and it will go something like this:
“From-the-Miami-River-to-the-Atlantic-Sea, Miami-will-finally-be-JEW-Free.”

23 Jul 2014, 7:52 AM PDT

Published on Jul 23, 2014
Pro Hamas Rally Miami, FL - Muslims Scream, "Let's go HAMAS. We are HAMAS!"
Tom Trento does a detailed examination of HAMAS Constitution.
Expert war analysis by Dr. Martin Sherman

Hamas Accuses Israel Of Acting Like Nazis

[video embedded]
[From article]
Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan appeared on CNN today, and after facing questions from Wolf Blitzer on Hamas potentially targeting an Israeli airport, he went after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said that Netanyahu and Israeli forces are acting rather a lot like the Nazis did during World War II.
[. . .]
He said that Netanyahu “lost his morals” and is now “reflecting a new image for Hitler.” Hamdan continued the Nazi comparison and argued Israeli forces “are acting in the same way, killing the Palestinians just because they are Palestinians, like what Hitler was doing in the last century.”

Hamas Spokesman on CNN: Israel Acting Just Like the Nazis
by Josh Feldman
7:04 pm, July 22nd, 2014

Miami Man Finds Squatter in His Home

[video embedded]
[From article]
Ruiz went on vacation for two days and said when he came back, he found the locks on the house changed and strangers living inside using his belongings.
“They’re using his bed, his dining room table…all his ornaments,” said homeowner Luis Camayd over the phone.
The man who moved in with his pregnant wife and toddler didn’t want to be identified but said he was scammed by a phony realtor.
He said a lease agreement proves he paid $3,600 to live at the home.
The man, he said, he gave the cash to is no longer returning phone calls.

Man Finds Family Living In His Miami Home
July 22, 2014 11:55 PM
CBS News Miami FL

Palestinian Protesters Attack Israeli Soccer Players On Field

Pro-Palestinian protesters spark melee at Israeli soccer game
By Associated Press
July 24, 2014 | 10:33am
Published on Jul 23, 2014

Sad scenes were witnessed during Lille's pre-season friendly with Maccabi Haifa on Wednesday.
The match was interrupted in the 84th minute when a group of male fans stormed the pitch holding Palestinian flags waving in the air.
 The footage showed a coming together between one Haifa player and one of the pitch invaders, and within seconds the trespassers were involved in a ruckus with the Israeli footballers.
 It's worth pointing out that Maccabi Haifa has a long history of having Muslim and Arab players in their side, with the likes of Taleb Tawatha, Mohammadou Idrissou, Weaam Amasha, Ataa Jaber, Mohammed Kalibat, Ismaeel Ryan all currently on the club's books.

Two Videos: Venom Against Israelis

Anti-Israel Protesters In DC: America “Is The Biggest Terrorist Organization”…

Published on Jul 23, 2014
Protesters try and explain why Israel--and not Hamas--is the problem. July 21, 2014. WARNING: This video includes a man dressed as a Bible.

* * *

"F*** Israel! They Hung Jesus!" "Turn To Jesus" "Colonizers!"

Published on Jul 20, 2014
Passerbys shout profanities and harass a pro Israel rally.

UK Teachers Think Boston Marathon Bombing Was A Hoax, Homosexuals Are "Animals"

[video embedded]
[From article]
Teachers at the centre of the 'Trojan Horse' plot to takeover Birmingham schools exchanged messages that the murder of soldier Lee Rigby was a hoax, it emerged today.
A damning report into Birmingham schools has unearthed 'compelling evidence' of an attempt by a group of hardline Muslims 'to gain control of governing bodies', Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said.
The investigation, led by former anti-terror chief Peter Clarke, revealed details of a WhatsApp group called The Park View Brotherhood which also included a description of homosexuals as 'animals' with 'satanic ways’.
Mr Clarke was called in to investigate claims that schools in Birmingham were taken over in a plot to impose hardline Islamic rule. His was one of four inquiries into the allegations.
During his probe he was handed a dossier of more than 3,000 messages posted in the WhatsApp group from April 2013 until it was shut down in March.
Some of the messages suggested the brutal murder of Liee Rigby and the Boston Marathon bombings were both faked.

Teachers at Muslim Trojan Horse school sent WhatsApp messages claiming Lee Rigby's murder and Boston bombing were HOAXES, inquiry reveals
Nicky Morgan warns of 'compelling evidence' of attempted takeovers
Education Secretary says children were taught to be intolerant of others
Government-ordered report by Peter Clarke into extremism released today
Birmingham MP Liam Byrne accuses government of using 'divisive rhetoric'
One alleged ringleader says white women 'have the least amount of morals'
Former chairman of governors Shahid Akmal claims white children are lazy
PUBLISHED: 03:17 EST, 22 July 2014 | UPDATED: 19:39 EST, 22 July 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

White House Misguided Focus on Middle East Conflict, Is That News?

Simple way to achieve that is to stop Hamas from attacking Israel. White House is unable to see that? 

[From article]
Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday that the administration agrees that Hamas initiated the conflict and that Israel has a right to defend itself.
“At the same time though, we do believe Israel can do more to avoid the types of civilian causalities that we’ve seen in recent days,” Rhodes said. “We’ve been heartbroken at the loss of Palestinian life, the loss of children, so we do believe that Israel has to take greater care to avoid those types of civilian causalities.”

WH Wants Israel to ‘Do More’ to Avoid Civilian Deaths
By Andrew Johnson
July 22, 2014 8:15 PM

NC NAACP Leader Says Opposition to Obama is Racist, One Note Samba

[From article]
At the Netroots Nation conference over the weekend, Barber, who is director of the North Carolina NAACP said Republicans are blocking Obama because 'they don't like little black girls having pajama parties in the WH'

Rev. William Barber: Republicans Blocking Obama Agenda Because 'They Don't Like Little Black Girls Having Pajama Parties in the White House' (Video)
at 7/21/2014 12:01:00 PM

Pelosi says treat illegal aliens like the baby Jesus

Pelosi says treat illegal aliens like the baby Jesus.

Did the baby Jesus get taxpayer funded food stamps, housing, social security?

MA US Sen. Warren Urges Voters To Act On Behalf of Lobbyists

[video embedded]
[From article]
Lobbyists on both sides of the aisle may not agree more on an issue than the need for amnesty legislation. But Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) told La Raza's annual conference that they should "get louder" to fight "lobbyists" to get amnesty legislation.
Claiming that comprehensive amnesty legislation would also "stabilize" America's Social Security system, Warren told the crowd in Los Angeles on Sunday evening that they needed to "get louder together" pushing for amnesty, because "it is the responsibility of Americans to push on this."
"Be stronger than the lobbyists," she declared. "We have to do this."
Though Warren has often portrayed herself as someone who fights for the people against undefined "powerful lobbyists," the lobbyists are actually on the side of pro-amnesty activists when it comes to "immigration reform." Big-business groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the high-tech lobbies want cheaper labor, and they have aligned themselves with Democrats and pro-amnesty activists to try to ram through a comprehensive bill. The so-called "Forgotten Man" of all races and backgrounds in the middle, including legal immigrants, often has to pay the costs for more social services while losing out on jobs to foreign workers.
[. . .]
But all that did not get in the way of Warren trying to frame amnesty as an issue that pits "the people versus the lobbyists."

21 Jul 2014

Two American Members of the IDF Killed In Israel

Notice the silence from the White House, which is focused on the image of the terrorists attacking Israel.  

[Two video embedded, many still images]
[From article]
More than 30,000 Israelis came out today to say a final farewell to a 24-year-old volunteer soldier from California who was killed fighting Hamas militants last weekend.
Scores of soldiers dressed in the olive-green uniforms of the Israeli Defense Army wept and embraced one another at the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem Wednesday morning during the funeral for Sgt Max Steinberg.
Steinberg, an American-Israeli dual national, is one of two American members of the IDF - the so-called 'lone soldiers' - who were killed during a skirmish in Gaza Sunday.

'Tell my mom I love her': Heartbreaking last words of American 'lone soldier' killed fighting in the Gaza Strip as 30,000 mourners attend his funeral in Jerusalem
Sgt Max Steinberg, 24, was laid to rest at Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem Wednesday
Most of the 30,000 people who came out to honor Steinberg didn't know him but answered a call on social media
Max's parents, brother and sister flew out from southern California to bury the fallen soldier
Steinberg was one of two Israeli-American volunteers killed in Gaza Sunday
Some 20,000 people came out for the funeral of Nissim Sean Carmel, 21, from Texas, earlier this week
There are about 2,000 lone soldiers currently serving in the Israeli military
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 10:47 EST, 23 July 2014 | UPDATED: 16:22 EST, 23 July 2014

Marines Confront Suspected Impostor At Military Funeral

[Video embedded]
[From article]
One Marine quizzed the man about his service record, while the other filmed him on his cellphone.
Initially the conversation was relatively friendly as the Marines asked the man about where he had served as well as other details about his military service.
But the man appears nervous when answering and not only identifies himself as a ‘sergeant major,’ but also a military policeman and a special forces operator.
As the Marines grow increasingly suspicious the atmosphere turns tense as they decide to call the guy out for not knowing the correct uniform code, reports LiveLeak.

Is he a fraud? U.S. marines confront 'fake sergeant major' in heated exchange after military funeral in Florida
Two U.S. Marines confronted a man who they accused of impersonating a military veteran at a funeral in Florida on Saturday
They suspected he was a fake because his uniform featured a mix of mismatched medals and ribbons
The man not only identifies himself as a ‘sergeant major,’ but also a military policeman and a special forces operator
'You know that’s called false valor? It is a federal crime for you to be wearing that uniform,' one of the Marines tells the alleged impersonator
The man quickly leaves, but never admits that he is a fraud
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 00:33 EST, 23 July 2014 | UPDATED: 08:12 EST, 23 July 2014

FL Law Professor Shot Dead in His Home

[video embedded]
[From article]
And the respected scholar's friends were equally distraught.
'It doesn’t make sense on any level. But at least the initial theory was that it was some kind of robbery gone wrong, which is awful, but at least makes sense,' said Michael McCann, a friend who teaches law at the University of New Hampshire.
'This has become a story that no longer makes sense. If, in fact, he was somehow targeted, I literally just cannot understand that.'

'He was the intended target': Police in Florida admit they are baffled by murder of Harvard-educated professor Dan Markel after divorced father-of-two shot dead in apparent 'assassination'
Professor Dan Markel, 41, was found with a gunshot wound to the head in his Tallahassee home on Friday morning
There was no sign of robbery or break-in and Markel passed away on Saturday
Markel was educated at Harvard and Cambridge and is a law expert
Currently teaches at Florida State University and his friends say he 'had no enemies'
His divorced wife, Professor Wendi Adelson, who teaches at the same university, is 'distraught'
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 15:45 EST, 22 July 2014 | UPDATED: 09:43 EST, 23 July 2014

Brigitte Gabriel: What Is Happening In Israel

Video: Who Is Responsible For Suffering in Gaza

From : Americans for Peace & Tolerance

Stand With Us produced a short video about who is responsible for the suffering in Gaza.

Stand With Us!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Americans Left Behind Afghanistan Interpreters, After Promise of Visas

[From article]
We made commitments to these people that if they helped us in Afghanistan, they would get visas if they wanted them. Now the interpreters sit in limbo, in desperate danger of being killed by the Taliban, while our Government fails to keep its promise. Some have been killed already.
We see the door literally thrown open to Central Americans who want to take from this country. But these interpreters fought and sacrificed with us, truly earning that right which they were promised.

Leaving Those Who Helped Us To Be Killed By The Taliban: The Afghan Interpreter Limbo

Published on Jul 16, 2014

Subscribe to VICE News here:

The interpreters who worked alongside American and NATO forces in Afghanistan are among our bravest and most loyal allies. They played an essential role in sourcing intelligence and educating Western troops about the local culture. Now they're in danger of being abandoned.

Read an excerpt from Ben Anderson's 'The Interpreters' here:

Hamas Boasts Of Using Civilians As Shields

[From article]
Hamas has openly boasted about the "success" of its strategy of using civilians as human shields during Operation Protective Edge, and the IDF has published extensive evidence of the practice.
By contrast, the IDF has dropped leaflets, sent phone messages, and issued general warnings to all civilians within range of upcoming airstrikes to prevent further harm.
The IDF has also called off attacks upon realizing that there are innocent civilians in the area or, as shown in the video below, when seeing the terrorist target enter an ambulance.

Watch: Hamas Places Civilians in the Line of Fire
IDF releases another video showing how Hamas deliberately puts civilian lives in danger.
By Elad Benari, Canada
First Publish: 7/19/2014, 2:20 AM

Published on Jul 18, 2014
While the IDF does everything that it can to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas deliberately puts Palestinian civilian lives in danger.
Hamas hides weapons and missile launchers in densely populated areas. They send men, women and children directly into the line of fire to be used as human shields for terrorists.

Reagan Official Outraged By Obama Foreign Policy Mess

[video embedded]
[From article]
But it only confirmed the chaos into which US foreign policy has descended since the summer of 2012 when reporters at a White House briefing asked Mr Obama about the security of chemical weapons in the Syrian stockpile.
The commander in chief went beyond safety and said: ‘We have been very clear to the Assad regime … that a red line for us is [when] we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilised.’
The term ‘red line’ is the kind of clear, emphatic language major powers use only when they are prepared to back words with action.

This weak and timid President talks big... and does nothing: A devastating attack on Obama by a top Washington insider
Clark S. Judge believes Obama's reaction to the tragedy was 'disconnected'
Immediately 'reverted to script' to praise his administration
Former adviser to Ronald Reagan says it confirms 'chaos' of foreign policy
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 18:49 EST, 19 July 2014 | UPDATED: 05:22 EST, 20 July 2014

Costa Concordia Floated, Will Be Towed To Genoa

[video embedded]
[From article]
The operation to salvage the ship is one of the largest in history and saw air pumped into 30 large metal boxes, which were attached to the hull of the 114,500 tonne vessel earlier this week.
Tug boats attached cables to the ship then started shifting it away from the shore.
Authorities then expressed satisfaction that the operation to float the Concordia had proceeded without a hitch.
Salvage operators said it would be towed by a Dutch vessel and a Vanuatu-flagged one at a speed of two knots an hour to reach the port of Genoa in around four days.

Pictured: The bridge of the Costa Concordia where Captain Calamity tried to impress his lover as he ploughed ship into reef causing 32 deaths
Images show bridge where Captain Schettino tried to sail-past Giglio
Was said to be on the bridge with his lover Domnica Cemortan
Alleged he attempted the close sail-past of the island to impress her
Hopes the stricken vessel can be towed away from Giglio next week
Will be taken to a scrapyard in Genoa in a journey set to take four days
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 12:21 EST, 19 July 2014 | UPDATED: 16:32 EST, 19 July 2014

Jet Blue Pilot Busted In Boston

[From article]
A JetBlue pilot was one of six people arrested by Boston Police in a drug deal near Boston Common over the weekend, investigators said Monday.
Police told WBZ-TV John Manwaring, 42, of Maitland, Florida, was arrested Sunday evening on a charge of possession of alleged heroin.
Officers said he was one of several people involved in drug transactions in an alley near 75 Boylston Street, near the Green Line MBTA stop.

JetBlue Pilot Arrested In Boston Heroin Bust
CBS News Boston MA
July 21, 2014 2:30 PM

Iraqi Muslims Continue Slaughter of Christians, New Crusade?

[From article]
When U.S. troops invaded Iraq in 2003, there were at least 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. Over the last ten years, significantly in the last few months with the emergence of ISIS, that figure has dropped to about 400,000.
In a region where Christians predate Muslims by centuries, over one million Christians have been killed or have had to flee because of jihadi persecution, while America is basically standing by and watching.
[. . .]
Dr. Gorka explained that “in the last 48 hours, ISIS, which is now called the Islamic State in Mosul, has painted the letter “N” for Nazarene on the houses of all the surviving Christians in the city. ISIS has basically given an ultimatum to all the Christians left: You can either flee or convert to Islam, or we will kill you.”
Gorka points out that, over the last 20 years, America has stood up around the world to save Muslims. “Whether it was to save the Muslims in Bosnia or the Albanians, Kosovars, and Muslims in Serbia, it is now time for a humanitarian operation to save the remaining Christians in Iraq,” he said. “It is time for the American people and our representatives to do something for our co-religionists remaining in the Middle East.”

19 Jul 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black Chicago Residents Protest Obama's Illegal Alien Priorities

[From article]
"Mr. President, we’re asking for you,” one woman said. “You’re spending billions of dollars in Texas, but we’ve a problem here in Chicago. We will not stand by this here, and keep letting this senseless killing and shooting happen in our community.”
Another resident said, “Today, if you look at the time that we were brought here as slaves 400 years ago, we got the same results today.”
One man called for Mr. Obama to step down if he continued to shun the city’s problems.
“For the president to set aside all of these funds for immigrants and [have] forsaken the African-American community, I think that’s a disgrace,” the man told the blog Rebel Pundit. “He will go down as the worst president ever elected. Bill Clinton was the African-American president.”

Obama slammed by black Chicago residents: ‘Worst president ever’
By Cheryl K. Chumley
The Washington Times
Monday, July 14, 2014

Maryland Citizens Oppose Illegal Alien Invasion

[video embedded]
[From article]
"We have to send a very clear message to HHS that this is crazy," Harris said.
Harris also acknowledged that until the message gets sent clearly that illegal immigrant children will not be given amnesty or be allowed to remain in the country for years, billions of dollars in more government spending will not solve what he called an "emergency" at the border.
Protestors in Murrieta, California have been turning back bus after bus of illegal immigrant children, some of whom had scabies. And protesters will organize Tuesday in Oracle, Arizona to try to prevent the federal government from dumping illegal immigrants in their blue-collar community.

14 Jul 2014

Rabbi Attacked Over Israeli Retaliation Defense

[Video embedded]
[From article]
The suspect, who was in his 20s, and who local officials said was known to the police, attacked Rabbi Moshe Ohayon near a synagogue after evening services, breaking several of his ribs in the process.
“This is revenge for what the Jews are doing in Gaza,” the rabbi told police the assailant said during the ambush attack, in which he beat and kicked the rabbi in the chest and head.
Passersby did not heed his calls for help, the report said.

Assailant Savages Morocco Rabbi Over IDF Gaza Op, Other Attacks Reported in Australia, Paris, Boston (VIDEO)
JULY 13, 2014 12:46 PM

Houston Woman Shot During Attempted Robbery To Steal Her Cell Phone

[video embedded]
[From article]
Courtney had just taken out the trash around 8 p.m. Thursday in the 12900 block of Windfern Road.
She then walked back to her friend’s apartment at the Windfern Meadows complex when an armed man cornered her before she could get inside.
“He was like, hey, let me get that phone,” recalled Courtney. “I was like, I’m not giving you my phone sir. He’s like, I’m going to shoot you, so I put my hands up.”
Courtney crouched to the ground right outside her friend’s door and braced for the worst.
“I looked down the barrel and was like no please don’t shoot me,” explained Courtney. “It was like a pop.”
The bullet grazed Courtney’s head, and she wasn’t willing to be at shot at again.
Her friend opened the door after hearing the shot, and Courtney stumbled inside. Before they could close the door, the man tried to push his way in.
“We were both pushing on the door trying to shut it. He got it open this much,” said friend Jennifer Pauley. “We pushed it as hard as we could and locked these locks as fast as we could.”
Pauley’s 6-year-old granddaughter was also inside the apartment. There was no way she was letting the man inside.

Woman grazed by bullet after refusing to give up cell phone
by Drew Karedes / KHOU 11 News
Posted on July 18, 2014 at 10:48 PM
Updated today at 10:25 AM

Russian TV Host Quits Over Government Lies

[From article]
Corespondent Sara Firth's announcement came nearly two hours after she stated on Twitter that RT anchors "do work for Putin" and spread "lies," in a conversation with RT London correspondent Polly Boiko. Firth alleged that the network asks its anchors to "obscure the truth," and now she is saying she's had enough.

Russia Today Anchor Resigns, Admits To Spreading 'Lies' For Putin
The Huffington Post | By Catherine Taibi
Posted: 07/18/2014 9:18 am EDT Updated: 07/18/2014 1:59 pm EDT

Israeli Forces Find 20 Terrorist Tunnels

IDF unearths 22 Gaza tunnels, kills 40 terrorists as ground offensive enters second day
LAST UPDATED: 07/18/2014 10:05

Published on Jul 18, 2014
Following ten days of Hamas attacks against Israel by land, air, and sea -- and after repeated rejections of offers to deescalate the situation -- the Israel Defense Forces has started a new phase of Operation Protective Edge.
A large IDF force of infantry, tanks, artillery, combat engineers, and field intelligence has entered the Gaza Strip to destroy the threat of Hamas' tunnels used to kidnap and murder Israelis.

Published on Jul 17, 2014
Exclusive footage of IDF forces entering into the Gaza Strip as a part of the ground phase of Operation Protective Edge on Thursday, July 17.

Reagan's Response to Russian Shootdown of Plane and Obama's

Compare Obama And Reagan Responses To Shooting Down Of A Plane

[From article]
the president spent a grand total of 38 seconds on the downing of the plane, describing what he knew to have been an atrocity as a “tragedy” that “might” have happened, and then going back to slamming Republicans for refusing to agree with him on infrastructure spending, to joking with his adoring fans, and to suggesting that America needed to stop indulging in what the more traditional among us like to refer to as “politics.”

JULY 18, 2014 2:46 PM
Our Callow Commander-in-Chief
Why is insouciance Obama’s first response to international crises?
By Charles C. W. Cooke

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011
President Reagan's Address to the Nation on the Soviet Attack on a Korean Airliner (KAL 007) on September 5, 1983.

For more information on the ongoing works of President Reagan's Foundation, please visit 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Audio: Russian Rebels Talking About Shootdown of Malaysian Plane

July 17th, 2014
Ukraine released what it said was audio from phone calls between rebels and Russian officers after the downing of Malaysia Airlines 17. In one call, a rebel says, “We have just shot down a plane.”

Published on Jul 17, 2014
Here is the intercepted audio phone conversation of Russian Forces and Rebels about the accidental shooting Malaysian Airline MH-17passenger aircraft.

Modest Proposal To End Invasion Of Illegal Aliens

[From article]
The excellent award-winning film El Norte, produced over 30 years ago, dramatically portrayed the oppressive conditions in Guatemala and what happens to adults who rise up against them. It was much harder back then for refugee orphans – those whose parents had actually been killed or jailed by the government – to make their way north. Human- and drug-smuggling weren’t big businesses back then.
[. . .]
The presidents and/or diplomats of those countries, all of whom live very high on the hog, must immediately find a way to return these children to their families or loved ones back home, using, if necessary, the funds that the USA has futilely lavished on their corrupt governments over many years.
Thirdly, if the leaders balk, they should be told that the flow of cash from the USA to their fiefdoms will come to an immediate end.

July 15, 2014
America the Gullible
By Doris O'Brien

El Norte on YouTube

Mexican Gangs Responsible For Bank Robbery Homicide In Stockton CA

Beloved wife and mother Misty Holt-Singh was killed when she was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between the bank robbers who took her hostage and the Stockton police.

[From article]
The three suspects in a bank robbery gone wrong who used a married mother as a human shield during a high-speed chase and gun battle with police are believed to be part of a notorious street gang, authorities said.
Misty Holt-Singh was one of three women - another customer and a bank employee - taken hostage and used as human shields during shootout that saw 20 officers fire shots and three of the getaway SUV's six occupants including her die.
A 19-year-old gang-banger was taken alive by police and two of the hostages pushed from the moving vehicle after being shot are miraculously expected to survive their injuries, authorities said.
[. . .]
The Nortenos are a notoriously-violent street gang ravaging parts of California as they wage war with rival gangs, especially the Surenos.
Norteno is Spanish for "northerner,' and sureno is Spanish for 'Southerner.'
Both rival groups were born in the California prison system during the 1980s and 1990s.
Branches of Surenos include the infamous MS-13, which has been referred to by authorities in the past as the world's most dangerous street gang.
Members are predominantly Mexican and make money through drug sales and human trafficking, but the bulk of their profits come from selling drugs. battle-killed-mother-used-human-shield-Police-say-three-robbers-notorious-Nortenos-gang.html
Deadly California street gang behind robbery and AK-47 street battle that killed mother used as human shield: Three robbers were from notorious Nortenos gang
The three suspects are believed by police to be members of the violent Norteno street gang
Misty Holt-Singh was taken hostage by armed robbers who reportedly used her as a human shield as they exchanged gunfire with police
The three armed robbers fled Wednesday afternoon from a Bank of the West branch in Stockton, California
They took three female hostages from bank at gunpoint before leading police on a 45-minute pursuit through city streets
Two hostages were thrown from the bullet-riddled vehicle during the wild chase and shootout
Fourteen police cars and numerous homes were shot up by the suspects
Two suspects were killed and a third, 19-year-old Jaime Ramos, was taken into police custody
PUBLISHED: 23:38 EST, 17 July 2014 | UPDATED: 05:33 EST, 18 July 2014

HAMAS Terrorists Store Missiles In UN School

[Video embedded]
[From article]
The discovery would seem to confirm Israel’s oft-repeated claim that Hamas and other Gazan terror groups use civilian infrastructure to hide weapons.
“Yet again, Gaza terrorists abuse UN facilities to carry out their violent activities. Hamas and other terror groups are determined to put civilians in harm’s way and will respect nothing in their violent frenzy,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor told The Times of Israel.

20 missiles found in UN-run school in Gaza
UNRWA apologizes to Israel, condemns a ‘flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises’ and promises investigation; Israel calls on UN to ‘act strongly’
BY RAPHAEL AHREN July 17, 2014, 5:05 pm

Obama Demonstrates Statesmanlike Respect

[From article]
President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 295 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, as he began an often jokey 16-minute speech about the need to expand America’s transportation infrastructure.
There are no confirmed American dead and the White House issued a statement on Thursday evening which said they were still seeking any 'information to determine whether there were any American citizens on board'.
An earlier Reuters report claimed that it was feared that as many as 23 U.S. citizens had perished.
Obama declared in Wilmington, Delaware that 'it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy,' but not before enthusiastically declaring that 'it is wonderful to be back in Delaware.'

'It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy': Obama goes AWOL again with just 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash feared to have killed Americans before his jokey 16-minute transport speech
Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, killing all 295 passengers on board
President Obama said his national security team is working on identifying the U.S. citizens – and then launched into jokes and 16 minutes of prepared remarks
Twitter erupted with digital eye-rolls at Obama's curt mention of the 'tragedy' that the Ukrainian government quickly called a 'criminal case'
House Speaker John Boehner offered a solemn statement, saying 'many innocents were killed today. It is horrifying.'
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 13:28 EST, 17 July 2014 | UPDATED: 00:59 EST, 18 July 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Man Convicted of Killing Wife While Having Affair With Foster Daughter

Sabrina Zunich has been charged with aggravated murder in connection with the death of her foster mother.

[Video embedded]
[From article]
A teenager is facing life behind bars after she was charged with aggravated murder in connection with the death of her foster mother.
Sabrina Zunich, 19, was arrested following the murder of Lisa Knoefel in November 2012.
Last month a Lake County jury convicted her foster father Kevin Knoefel of conspiring to kill his wife.
The 43-year-old, of Ohio, was accused of having a sexual relationship with his foster daughter and showing her how to stab his wife.

Teenager who 'fell in love with her foster father' facing life behind bars as she is charged with aggravated murder of his wife
Sabrina Zunich was arrested following the murder of Lisa Knoefel in 2012
She has now been charged with aggravated murder in connection with her foster mother's death
Last month her foster father Kevin Knoefel was convicted of conspiring to kill his wife
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 12:18 EST, 16 July 2014 | UPDATED: 15:33 EST, 16 July 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Palestinian Propaganda Lies

A screenshot of a Hollywood horror movie being used to depict the death of Gazan civilians. 

[From article]
As Hamas supporters are being called out on Twitter for posting photos of Syrian casualties from 2012 as victims of the Israeli Army in Gaza in 2014, Israel advocacy group StandWithUs on Tuesday posted a clip from Hollywood horror flick ‘The Final Destination 4′ that was used to create another fake that circulated widely on Facebook falsely depicting Israel killing civilians.

Hamas Uses Horror Movie Still of Headless Girl in Miniskirt to Depict Gaza Casualties on Social Media (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)
JULY 15, 2014 12:06 PM

Video Published on Jul 15, 2014
Hamas propaganda uses Hollywood horror movie stills as photos of "Palestinian victims."
It's almost too ridiculous to believe. WATCH and SHARE!
I love Israel, I support Israel, I stand with Israel, L.A. stands with Israel to the fullest. AM YISRAEL CHAI WE'RE NEVER GONNA DIE!!!
no, they are not stupid, I see facebook full of this fake pictures, so their system is working
American is illegal occupation as well
Anna I think you need to read again what Jose said. He/She said That it's a fake but there are stupid people who believe all those lies.
A Jurassic Park scene would've been more believable.

Harvard University Construction Is Done. It Must Be A Dream

A regular meeting of the Cambridge Planning Board. Town gown meetings are held in the Senior Center.

Most recent prior entry on this repeating problem is at this link

And one before that

7:30 AM Wednesday July 16, 2014. Loud banging noise outside my window, which faces the new Harvard Art Museum, formerly the Fogg Museum. A few months ago at a town gown meeting with the City of Cambridge Planning Board, Harvard University's PR flacks announced, boasted that construction is done on the Museum project bringing relief to neighbors who endured three years of construction noise. Problem is that construction was not finished. The mitigation team told me they meant to say "outside" construction. But that was not, and is not done either. I used to attend those meetings and video tape them for city residents. I've seen how Harvard University's PR flacks stretch the truth just as well as the President's PR flacks mislead the nation. 

Video of 2008 Town Gown Harvard University presentation

Previous discussions with the mitigation team requested (three times) that if it was necessary to park large noisy trucks on Broadway which is a "No Stopping" zone on both sides of Broadway, why can't they park on the museum side? Their usual first response is "Why are you the only one [who complains]?" I've seen trucks back into the driveway next to the former Sackler Museum and park on the museum side of Broadway. It can be done. Yes, they can. Cambridge police allow these repeated traffic violations, because they are Harvard University, which has a special constitutional exemption from complying with inconvenient laws. It is the same exemption enjoyed by Obama-Holder-Johnson in Washington DC. 

Example of how Harvard University spins their facts from 2007
If not viewable on Google, use this link instead

Nonetheless it is annoying and shows how arrogant Harvard University and their mitigation teams are. The last time they told me (as the PR flacks told city officials) that the construction is done, and that the museum is no longer the responsibility of the mitigation team.  Harvard University operations, which is the Harvard University campus police, is who I should call. They are even more abusive, if that is possible, than Harvard University Housing which ignores laws and tenants' rights every day. When I did call the operations officials, they told me to call the mitigation office. At many meetings with city officials Harvard University representatives make promises that they will perform one or another act in the future. But no one ever follows up to see if they do. It is why Harvard University is able to say anything at these meetings and no one ever checks to see if what they say is accurate. Just as the main stream media fails to ensure what the Obama-Holder-Johnson triumvirate says has any connection to reality. Oh wait. Did Obama attend Harvard Law School or something like that? 

So instead of wasting my time calling to any of the Harvard University employees wasting my energy, and not needing to be insulted any more by their omniscient employees, I decided to post these images for all to see how deceptive, misleading and abusive Harvard University is, with all of its money and all of its prestige. With all of its progressive credentials, generating politicians who led the nation into its current despair, cynicism and disgust, the most prominent university in America is no different than most corporations in the world. But Harvard University has a better image.

Metal pneumatic arms of the truck used to lift the dumpster seen below. You can see a Skanska construction employee wearing his bright Skanska vest. Skanska is the company which managed the three-year-$500 million renovation. 

Here is the dumpster which was dropped on Broadway next to the residential building, after construction was "done." Ahem! This is a "No Stopping" zone on Broadway

Here is the cab of the truck with its pneumatic lift arm showing.

The lift arms with the loading dock for the museum in the background. 

Skanska employee walking toward the museum. His vest says "Skanska."