Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fogg Construction Downs Tree, Crew Gets Foot Massages?

During this Saturday overtime session on the Fogg Museum the favored crew gets police protection and foot massages. One more old growth tree downed by Fogg Museum. These images captured on Saturday February 26, 2011.

One more old growth tree taken down by Fogg Museum Construction on Prescott Street near Broadway.

One more old growth tree taken down by Fogg Museum Construction on Prescott Street near Broadway.

Notice the Cambridge City police officer guarding these men from hostile state legislatures who may mistake them for government employees. This Harvard University Fogg Museum construction crew stands in their new spring finest threads waiting for their afternoon foot massage, as per their union contract. Unlike the public employee unions that are under scrutiny by media and state governments these men work hard and produce tangible benefits to society.

This Harvard University Fogg Museum construction crew stands in their new spring finest threads waiting for their afternoon foot massage, as per their union contract. Unlike the public employee unions that are under scrutiny by media and state governments these men work hard and produce tangible benefits to society.

Jet Blue All You Can Jet Boston MA To New York NY 12 Parts

Twelve segments of four trips to New York City Sept. 28, 30, Oct. 5, 6, 2010.

Part 1OF12
Views of New York Public Library, Manhattan, New York City, Grand Central Terminal, TAO, Met Life Building, Roosevelt Hotel, General Motors Building, Friar's Club, 655 Madison Avenue, Rear of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Madison Avenue, Plaza Hotel, Secret Service protecting foreign leaders shopping on Madison Avenue while attending United Nations meeting.

Part 2OF12
Views of Central Park Zoo, Manhattan, New York City, feeding sea lions, Delacorte Clock, park bench tributes.

Part 3OF12
Views of Queensborough (59th Street) Bridge, Manhattan, New York City, Bloomingdales, Fifth Avenue, East 60th Street, Second Avenue, Lexington Avenue, 53rd Street, Central Synagogue, Park Avenue, waterfall subway entrance.

Part 4OF12
New York JFK Int'l Airport, Air Train, Long Island Railroad, Brooklyn, Greeley Square, 34th Street, Manhattan, New York City, Empire State Building, Columbia University School of Law, Hot Stuff, Columbia University campus, Times Square, NYPD mounted detail.

Part 5OF12
Brooklyn, New York City, Grand Army Plaza, Soldier's and Sailor's Memorial Arch, bust of JFK, Bailey Fountain, Mt. Prospect Park, Copley Plaza, Union Temple of Brooklyn, Park Slope, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Part 6OF12
Brooklyn Museum, New York City, Statues, Classical Greek, Chinese, Biblical, Brooklyn Public Library, Soldier's and Sailor's Memorial Arch, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant.

Part 7OF12
Brooklyn, New York City, Montauk Club, 234 Lincoln Place, 7th Avenue, Park Slope, Old First Reformed Church, New York Methodist Hospital.

Part 8OF12
Greenwich Village, New York City, Manhattan, West 8th Street, Notre Dame School, Gossip Girl Production, Folk Band, Washington Square Park, Washington Square, Memorial Arch, George Washington, Standard Hotel, High Line, sanitation industry, concrete cutting.

Part 9OF12
High Line, New Jersey coast, Hoboken, Gossip Girl Production, Standard Hotel, Hudson River, Manhattan, New York City, Empire State Building, bell concert, West Side Piers, Chelsea Pier, High Line Walkway.

Part 10OF12
Chelsea Market, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, Bleecker Street, Bayard House, Alexander Hamilton, Jane Street, Jane Hotel, Our Lady of Pompeii School, Bowery, Village Voice, Cooper Union, Peter Cooper, St. Mark's Place, Father Demo Square, Gem Spa, Gossip Girl, East Village.

Part 11OF12
Alex loDico Jazz Ensemble, New York City Subway, entertainment, East 86th Street, Manhattan, New York City, Papaya King, Second Avenue Subway Construction, sidewalk vendors, Upper East Side.

Part 12OF12
Biscuits and Bath, dog heaven, Dogs, Albanian Mission to United Nations, Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City, Second Avenue Subway Construction.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harvard's Asbestos Cleanup, Without Notice

A memo from Harvard Real Estate Services (HRES) to tenants of 85 Prescott Street dated February 23, 2011 states HRES

"has commenced renovations to the common areas within your building and will be removing the common area floor at your unit entry on [Monday] February 28, 2011. You will not be able to enter or exit your unit for the entire working day on [Monday] February 28, 2011. You are welcome to remain within your unit during the work (8am to 5pm) or you will need to remain outside your unit during that period. Alternative accommodations can be made for you upon request to Harvard Mitigation at (617) 496-0857."

The alternative accommodations are to sit in a "lounge" which is a small apartment which Harvard took off the market contrary to an agreement with the City of Cambridge. If what they are doing is safe and legal why did they not inform the tenants that they were removing asbestos from the floors? In case of an emergency a person caught in his own apartment might be exposed to a lethal dose of asbestos fumes. Even with no emergency the cover of the door to the unit may be flawed and cause the same result. Finally why did Harvard not permit its tenants mostly students, faculty and staff to make their own decisions about remaining with a hazardous operation going on outside of their door. This is one more example of the lack of respect Harvard shows for its students and tenants. They have no shame which is a pervasive problem among the leadership of the nation, the state and the city. Harvard surely leads the way downward.
City desk editor at Boston Herald asked if it was legal. My reply was what difference does it make? Why should anyone be exposed to it even if it is legal?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

US Judge Says Commerce Clause Covers Thought

February 23, 2011
Fed Judge: Now the Commerce Clause covers 'mental activity'
Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

Black Racist Officials Caught Abusing Power|topnews|text|Home

Delaware Supreme Court overturns cinema ruling
Manager of Dover theater vindicated
3:35 AM, Feb. 23, 2011

Students Hit Student Under Teacher's Orders

Report: Teacher made kids beat student
Teacher is still employed at the school
Updated: Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011, 8:05 AM MST
Published : Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011, 7:57 AM MST
Reporter: Alex Tomlin

Thug Chicopee Couple Attack Women Patrons

"The fight started when the couple realized that they had no maple syrup for their pancakes. They asked the table over if they could have some of theirs because their pancakes wouldn't taste the same without the maple syrup and one of the two girls response was "bitch, your pancakes look fine to me!" And from there, all hell broke loose."

Because that is what really happened...

Police report adds this from The Smoking Gun

Monday, February 21, 2011

Holder and FBI Wage Racist Profiling Campaign

Some of the photos released by the FBI under racist US Attorney General as part of ongoing public relations deception. No black Americans were arrested. Does Holder expect citizens to believe that there are no Black Americans in organized crime? Has anyone else noticed how the FBI only targets Italian American criminals? Why are there no arrests in Boston where the Irish American gangsters
control the rackets, the police and the state government? Why no arrests in shoot-em-up Chicago where Black gangsta teens kill each other weekly? Why
the focus on New York City and Italian Americans? When will the alleged crime fighters in the US Government look at the suits who steal billions and call themselves lobbyists and legislators? Is this a return to the days of Robert Kennedy who abused his power targeting crime families that did not support his brother, while ignoring crime families that supported the Kennedy Cult?

Michael Savage lamented racial profiling, on his radio show during first 15 minutes on Thursday January 27, 2011; commenting that all those arrested were older Italian Americans.

Here's Howie Carr's take on the latest elder citizen abuse.

Shanks for the memories, Baby

By Howie Carr
Boston Herald
Saturday, January 22, 2011

See also comments under this CBS New York story for others
who share this perspective.

Arrested: Federal agents question a shackled Mafia suspect in New York today after this morning's dramatic raids

Arrested: Federal agents question a shackled Mafia

suspect in New York yesterday after the dramatic

raids involving up to 800 officers

Seized: Federal agents process the suspects after dawn raids were carried out today in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

Seized: Federal agents process the suspects in at the

army base after the raids in New York City and

New Jersey.

Shackled: A suspected member of one of the New York crime families is led away by a female FBI agent after today's raids in New York

Shackled: A suspected member of one of the New York

crime families is led away by a female FBI agent.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama Opposes Change, Supports the Past in WI

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer points out that by leading the charge in Wisconsin, President Obama is now aligning himself with the same failed policies that have put so many states in a state of near bankruptcy. Meanwhile, GOP Governors Walker, Christie and Kasich are proposing real, courageous change, despite political consequences. Quite a turn around for the man who marketed himself as something different than "politics as usual".

Friday, February 4, 2011

Between The Storms FEB 4 2011

These images captured on Friday February 4, 2011 at about 4:00 PM in and around Harvard University in Cambridge MA. It was the day before the seventh or eighth storm of the winter.

Harvard's Snow-Covered Sun Dial

Harvard Square Sign Supporting Regime Change in Egypt

Snow Sculpture in The Pit, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA.

Snow Pile at Cambridge MA Fire Headquarters.

Snow Capped Cambridge Visitor's Center, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA.

Cleared Street, Broadway at Quincy Street, Cambridge MA.

Construction Mirror at Broadway and Prescott Street.

Memorial Church Spire at Harvard University.

Harvard University PhD. (Piled High and Deep)

Holyoke Center Harvard Univesrity PhD. (Piled High and deep)

Another Harvard University PhD. (Piled High and Deep)

Construction Crane Fogg Museum Harvard University.

Construction Crane, Fogg Museum Harvard University.

Construction Crane, Fogg Museum Harvard University.

Construction Crane, Fogg Museum Harvard University.

Construction Crane, Fogg Museum Harvard University.

Construction Crane, Fogg Museum Harvard University.

Rear View Mirror of Buried Car, Prescott Street, Cambridge MA.

Patio Cambridge Public Library remains unplowed.

William James Hall Pale Background Building.

Carpenter Center at Harvard University

84 Prescott Street right red brick building, Bromley Court. 85 Prescott Street left red brick building. Notice cap above 85 the top of Memorial Hall.

Snow Covers Rodent Nests Overpass Harvard Science Center in background.

Snow Piled Along Broadway. Harvard's Memorial Hall in background.

Snow Piled Along Broadway Near Harvard Yard, Science Center left background; Memorial Hall right background.

Snow Piled Along Broadway Near Harvard Yard

Snow Piled Near Harvard Yard

Path going round the bend toward Harvard Square near Phillips Brooks House.

Snow piled on Overpass. Harvard's Littauer Hall in background.

Snow on Overpass Harvard Memorial Hall in background.

Snow piled in front of Harvard's Science Center.

Paths through snow piles Overpass Near Harvard Yard

Snow Prayers

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jet Blue Boston MA to Las Vegas NV OCT 2010 Five Parts

In October 2010 I visited Las Vegas NV for the second time in my life. The first time was in 1966 or 1967. During that first visit, which lasted only for a few hours, I felt as if I were in heaven. I immediately lost all the cash money I had with me. There were not as many hotels and casinos then. I think I went to the Sands then. I sat in the casino staring at the lights and the gambling tables. I wondered how I could get more money to win back what I lost. I called the airline to see if I could cash in my plane ticket. They asked how I paid and since it was by credit cards they told me I could not cash it in. Lucky me! Hertz had an offer for their credit card holders to advance $20 in cash. I drove back to the airport and got the $20 and went back to the casino. I lost that too. Again I sat and stared. Mesmerized is an appropriate word. In 1966 waitresses offered free drinks. Today they no longer give away free drinks to all players. Maybe to the whales but not to people like me. I no longer gamble anyway. Today the hotels in Las Vegas do not even have coffee makers in the rooms. They place bottles of water in the rooms, explaining that it was part of the hotel's effort to make the guest's visit perfect. They reveal that they will replace the bottles if used and that they cost $4 each. Nickle and diming visitors in Las Vegas? Or was it just how they treated me? When I arrived at the Las Vegas Hilton a man appeared next to me while I waited to check in. The front desk had places for about 25 clerks. About 15 were working, mostly women. The man next to me pointed out a VIP line for important people to use to check in. He told me, "I think I'm a VIP but no one else does." I smiled and didn't speak. I thought he was being friendly. Then he pointed out that some men were using the VIP line. I thought they would be directed to the ordinary person line but instead they did get served faster. Then the man next to me suggested, "Why don't you go into that line?" I realized he was patronizing me trying to get me to do something. Did he think he knew me? Was he trying to provoke an incident? I just stood there. He again suggested I use the VIP line. The man said to me, "I'm not so important now as I used to be." I suspected he thought he knew what I thought and was making fun of me. My thoughts were, "This guy is telling me that I am unimportant today. And I was so important to him, that he came to stand next to me to tell me how unimportant I was." I found the incident humorous. Then a man named Wes came out from a door and waved the man next to me to the front desk. He spoke for a few seconds and left. The man did not check in to the Hilton. Then Wes waved me to his line. He told me that he was giving me a "renovated room." I wondered what that meant. Wes gave me a sheet of discount coupons for the hotel's restaurants. I heard the other desk clerks asking the guests if they wanted to upgrade their stay. I noticed that there were options to upgrade on the Las Vegas Hilton web pages. Wes did not ask me if I wanted to upgrade. When I got to the room the button to open the curtains did not work. One lamp did not work, and did not have bulb in it. When I put a bulb from another lamp the lamp still did not work. There was no coffee maker and two 1 liter bottles of water for sale for $4 each. The chair for the desk was broken and the color did not match the room. A renovated room? I've been staying at Hiltons for three years. They usually treat me well and gave me great rooms. But in Las Vegas I was "unimportant?" The city was starved for visitors and the Hilton employees insulted me? What were these people thinking?

Jet Blue Boston MA To Las Vegas NV. Part 1 OF 5. Views of McCarran Int'l Airport, local bus, Las Vegas Hilton, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Riviera, tributes to Elvis Presley.

Jet Blue Boston MA To Las Vegas NV. Part 2 OF 5. Views of Fountainbleau (unfinished), Mono Rail, Bottled Water Peddlers, Motorcycles, Sahara, rainstorm,Circus Circus,Crazy Leroy's, tattoo parlor, Wedding Chapel of the Bells, Aztec Hotel, Bonanza Gift Shop.

Jet Blue All You Can Jet visit to Las Vegas. Part 3 of 5. Views of Las Vegas Strip, Deuce luxury local bus, Steve Wynn's Wynn and Encore, retail shops, restaurants, Clarion, Marriott, Hilton, Echelon (unfinished), Trump, Palazzo, Treasure Island, Mirage, Royal Resort, Somerset Gardens, Convention Center, Mono Rail, Riviera.

Jet Blue All You Can Jet visit to Las Vegas. Part 4 of 5. Views of Las Vegas Strip, MGM Grand, Las Vegas Hilton, Sahara, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Tropicana, New York, New York, Monte Carlo, Aria, retail shops, M&M Dancer, Elvis, Marilyn, Hard Rock Cafe, Cosmopolitan, Paris, Caesar's Palace, Bally's, Bellagio Fountain Light Show, Jockey Club.

Jet Blue All You Can Jet visit to Las Vegas. Part 5 of 5. Views of Las Vegas Strip, Flamingo Hotel, Tropicana, Bill's Gambling Hall, Retail shops, Exotic Dancer, Treasure Island Pirate Show, Harrah's, Imperial Palace, Mirage, Casino Royale, Venetian.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Storm Images FEB 1 2011

Images from Broadway and Prescott Street, Cambridge MA at about 5:00 PM during snow storm on February 1, 2011.

Snow covered cars on Prescott Street.

Broadway and Prescott Street.

Looking toward Quincy Street with Harvard Yard on left side of image.

Looking east on Broadway, 472 and 474 Broadway in right side of image.

In background Harvard University's Center for Government and Internati0nal Studies.

In background shell of Harvard University's Fogg Museum, under construction.