Saturday, February 27, 2010

Susan Anspach Truth

British Member of Euro Parliament Ridicules President

MEP and UKIP leader Nigel Farage on Wednesday delivered another major tirade against EU President Herman van Rompuy and, along the way, severely insulted Belgium and Greece during a plenary debate in the European Parliament. Farage said Van Rompuy had the "charisma of a damp rag" and the appearance of a "low-grade bank clerk."

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Glenn Beck: Hangover in America

Fox News host Glenn Beck took the stage Saturday night at CPAC, accompanied by his chalkboard. Beck attacked both parties but took special aim at "progressivism," calling it "the cancer in America."

Obama Chides Rep. Cantor for Use of Props

February 25, 2010 -- At the health-care summit Thursday, President Obama chided Republican Whip Rep. Eric Cantor for his use of props to drive home his point, saying, "These are the kind of political things we do that prevent us from actually having a conversation." Has anybody read the entire bill? have any of the participants in the "bi-partisan" commission read it all? Obama does not want to be reminded that he has not read the bill. How can these sociopaths keep a straight face expecting taxpayers to support this abomination when no one has read it?

Jon Stewart: How Credit Cards Screw You

Sure, you've racked up hundreds of dollars in debt, but do you know how credit cards work or how badly they can screw you over? Celebrating the newly effective CARD act, Jon Stewart explained the ins and outs of the credit industry—but mostly the outs.

Chatroulette: A Scientific Study

Everyone's talking about Chatroulette, the Internet's newest addictive time-waster. But has anyone taken a hard look at the numbers? Casey Neistat spent a day on the site tallying its demographics—and learning that almost everyone would rather talk to a cute girl.

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Oprah Calls Out Andrew Young

Oprah, the queen of talk took Andrew Young to task Wednesday for his involvement in covering up John Edwards' child with mistress Rielle Hunter in a scathing indictment.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dogs Howl at Law and Order TV Theme

Willard howls at Law and Order Theme.
Ariel a Red Doberman howls at Law and Order theme.

Dax joins in the chorus for Law and Order.

February 26, 2010 Snow in New York City

WNYC Radio: On February 26, 2010, a slow-moving storm is parked over the city and up to 20 inches of snow is expected by Saturday. Schools are closed and subways are running with delays on some lines. In Brooklyn, pedestrians struggle to get through the snow and homeowners shoveled their sidewalks. This is evidence that global warming is political. In Boston where moonbats rule, there was only rain, no snow.

Brooklyn, New York Snowstorm WNYC Radio

WNYC Radio: A major snowstorm hit New York City on February 10, 2010, with up to a foot of snow expected in the 5 boroughs. City schools are all closed and residents of Park Slope were out shoveling their sidewalks and enjoying the snow in Prospect Park. Here is a snowy postcard from Park Slope, Brooklyn.

NY Gov. Paterson Ends Re-Election Bid

New York Governor David Paterson ends his bid for re-election.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Classic New York Post Headline

This headline appeared in the Friday April 15, 1983 New York Post.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Search?

Confucius say, "If you are in a book store and cannot find The book for which you search, you are obviously in the.....

Maher Jokes About Cheney's Heart Attack

Bill Maher makes a joke and laughs at Dick Cheney's heart attack on Joy Behar's show. This is how liberals show their love for people who disagree with them. Yet they object to any criticism of Obama the leader of the hate mongers.

Obama to McCain: The Election is Over

Obama Reminds McCain, "The election is over." This is a corollary of his previous mantra, "I won." He seems to think there should be no debate, that the Congress should do what he wants and that the voters are too stupid to have a responsible opinion. Obama has never left Harvard where he was so special that few disagreed with him.

Rep. Tells Obama: You're Not Listening to the People

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) tells Obama you are not listening to the people.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Biden Dems Condemn GOP for 51-vote Option

Democrats condemned Republican use of 51-vote option to avoid cloture vote. Now they vow to use the same procedure they condemned.

Nixon Grandson Runs for Office

John McCain's team supporting Long Island congressional hopeful Christopher Cox

New York Post

Last Updated: 5:09 AM, February 23, 2010

Posted: 8:01 AM, February 22, 2010

Racial Extortion in Albany?

“Paterson directly told [casino mogul Steve] Wynn he needed to have a minority partner, so he went and got Jay-Z. "
I thought that minorities were weak and vulnerable. They can dictate who gets contracts from government agencies? This abuse of race is not limited to New York state. I've been told the same thing in Cambridge, MA that in order to have a state agency consider a complaint one must have a black partner. Isn't that racial extortion? What happened to the equal protection clause? Is it only for homosexuals, blacks and women?

[NYPost online entry missing]
Jay-Z stake in Aqueduct slots deal draws scrutiny

By FREDRIC U. DICKER in Albany and ANNIE KARNI in New York City

New York Post

Page 4

12:57 PM, February 21, 2010

New York Post Open Bias

This report begins : "A cleaver-wielding schizophrenic." making a person into a disease. Though not unique among journalists it shows negative bias in the minds of the writers and editors. Why is the alleged mental illness a defining element in the crime report? Do journalists and editors believe that mental illness causes crime? What is the basis for any such belief beyond bias? There is none.

Slain doc's hubby sues

New York Post

Last Updated: 3:03 AM, February 23, 2010

Posted: 5:49 AM, February 21, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Issa and Saudi Money to News Corp.

US Rep. Issa responds to concerns about Saudi investment in News Corporation.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obama: Always Been a Partner of ACORN

Obama admits he always been a partner of ACORN when a US Senator.

TV Cartoon Show Ridicules Disabled Character

Cartoon show ridicules disabled character. Imagine the reaction of they did this to a black woman. This shows that the women's movement and politicians care nothing about women with disabilities. One line is in the first 15 seconds of the clip.
Entire transcript of the song is at
Friday, February 19, 2010
In my family we like to laugh too, but not about stuff like this (warning: definitely NSFW!)
By Joshua Livestro

Ann Coulter at CPAC

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mayor Denise Simmons

E. Denise Simmons, Mayor
City of Cambridge MA

Gov. Deval Patrick


Gov. tells personal story to support victims of bullying

Photo by Nancy Lane (file)

Hon. Deval Patrick, Governor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
The Bay State

Gov. David Paterson

David Paterson

Hon. David Paterson, Governor
State of New York
The Empire State

Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman and Obama

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman explains why he will not meet with Barack Obama while the President is in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Senate Candidate's Signs Posted Illegally

These four images were captured at about 8:30 PM on Wednesday February 17, 2010 on Mass Avenue between Prospect Street and Temple Street, Cambridge MA. Mr. Dennis Benzan is an attorney in Massachusetts. He is a candidate for State Senate Democratic nomination to replace Anthony Galluccio who resigned after being jailed for violation of probation. Cambridge is a city with pervasive relaxed rectitude. Mr. Benzan is a suitable candidate for this public office. He indicates his disdain for laws by posting his signs on public polls along a public avenue contrary to law. As an officer of the court perhaps he believes he is above the laws. Ordinary citizens are arrested and fined for violations of laws. How many lawyers or politicians are punished in Mass when they violate state or local laws? Perhaps this is one more pattern of behavior in Cambridge for the $130,000 taxpayer funded Review Committee to study. Ahem!

Biden Clueless

VP Biden refers to "20th century." One thing not to know the date, year or who the president is. But to not know the century? AP rewrote what he said to protect him. More liberal distortion.

Elder Abuse by Teen Bully

67-year-old white man is trying to be the bigger man and make responsible decisions when the black guy just keeps running his mouth about some shoe shinning. Eventually after multiple threats about beating up the white guy, the white guy says one thing about slapping the black man. The black man then hits the white guy, which then the white man beat down the black guy.

Camera Yeller/Filmer
[Information about the video maker deleted]

10. Bus info (unverified):
11. San Fransisco AC Transit
12. Bus Number 3057
13. 5th Av and 12th St
14. Direction: To West Oakland BART

Anti Obama Billboard in Iowa

KCRG: A new billboard in Cedar Rapids criticizes the Obama Administration. It is located on 3rd Ave. near downtown, and reads simply "How's that 'Hope and Change' Working for You?" There's no group or individual claiming responsibility for the ad itself.

Michael Savage Interviews Gale Nordling on EMP Feb 16 2010

Gale Nordling President and CEO of Emprimus Corporation of Minneapolis, Minnesota appeared on the Michael Savage radio show on Tuesday February 16, 2010. An engineer and an attorney he spoke about Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons which can be used by police to stop fleeing vehicles. He said the military is prepared to defend against these weapons. But the civilian sector is vulnerable. Computers and most electronic equipment with a chip can be burned by the EMP. Data can be destroyed. Nordling's company Emprimus is focused on providing technical assistance to civilians to shield against EMP attacks. It appears that civilians are clueless and think that anyone who speaks about these weapons is mentally ill. Criminals in and out of government who use these weapons also say that people who speak about them are mentally ill. It is not easy to tell who knows and who does not. I was only able to capture about six minutes of the segment with Nordling.

For more information see
or search this blog or any search engine using "electrical weapons," "less lethal,"
"electromagnetic radiation."

Massachusetts state law makes possession of these weapons a felony. Massachusetts police refuse to investigate complaints demanding evidence of USE which is improper or negligent training.
Mass Gen Laws Chapter 140 Section 131 J

Parts of Michigan law below which applies to electronic and electromagnetic devices is Public Law 256 2003 and 257 2003. Michigan provides serious penalties.
Go to:

and enter the above law number and year information for the full law.

Maine has a law which is not yet online. Sec. 1. MRSA 1058 is enacted to read:
1058. Possession of electronic weapon. If I can get a link I'll post it here.

As Nordling says the technology is public, and anyone can use it. Police, criminals, psychiatrists, politicians have been known to employ these devices to annoy, to harass, to disable, and to try to kill their targets.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gunmen Invade CA Church

Three gunmen invade crowded Richmond, CA church and open fire and wound two teens.

BBC Journalist Admits Murder

A broadcaster for the BBC's Inside Out programme smothered his ailing lover to spare him from "terrible pain". Detectives are to launch an investigation after a BBC presenter told TV viewers that he carried out a mercy killing on a former lover who was suffering from Aids.

Cambridge Review Committee Part 1 of 4

The Cambridge City Manager and the Police Commissioner created a Review Committee funded with $130,000 of taxpayer cash money. Its mission is to study the most famous disorderly conduct arrest in the history of the world, and the culture of racism and classism in Cambridge. This city is primarily focused on and funds studying these two kinds of discrimination. Bias against persons with disabilities is ignored because persons with disabilities are not whole persons? Because they do not have a PAC? Because they are all uneducated slugs? The Review Committee will not say.
LET IT GO: Henry Louis Gates Jr. said...
Photo by Boston Herald file
LET IT GO: Henry Louis Gates Jr. said he’ll donate the handcuffs used in his arrest to the Smithsonian.

Multi millionaire tenured Harvard professor Henry Gates, Jr. ("Do you know who I am?") was arrested and held for four hours. Within one week, before arraignment the President of the US, the Governor of Massachusetts, the Mayor of Cambridge all spoke out officially "to make this go away." Few observers see any problem with those officials abusing their power. The District Attorney abdicated his power and allowed a private attorney and the city solicitor to negotiate the dismissal of the charge. This is an example of an extreme abuse of the police powers, which is a common occurrence in Massachusetts. A Boston FBI informant who ran the Irish crime family that controls Massachusetts was charged with 19 homicides while working for the FBI. The Boston FBI was focused on ethnic cleansing of Italians from organized crime in MA. The FBI framed four white men for murder. Two died in prison. Two were released after 30 years. A US judge awarded $101 million, which the Justice Department appeals. In February 2010 a Harvard trained woman neurobiologist Amy Bishop ("Do you know who I am?"), allegedly shot and killed three colleagues at the University of Alabama after she was denied tenure. Previously she killed her brother in Braintree, MA near Boston, but was not charged. She was also not charged after a pipe bomb was found in her boss's home after she received a poor work review at Harvard. Other states have a less relaxed rectitude. Alabama charged her with capital murder. This is Part 1 of 4.

[See also]
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ann Coulter: Biden Like the White House Dog

"It almost is kind of effective to send out this drunken Irishman to respond to Dick Cheney. It's like sending out the White House dog, saying, 'We so don't respect you we're sending in Joe Biden.' Everything he says is crazy."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Truth

Jenifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston-SPX-027831.jpg

jennifer aniston Tonights Talk Show Guests: September 24, 2009

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Nipple See Through

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's Dress Is See Through_1
Jennifer Aniston's Dress Is See Through_2
Jennifer Aniston's Dress Is See Through_3

Jennifer Aniston, perhaps the sexiest 41-year-old ever, shows off her amazing figure in a hot bikini while filming 'Just Go With It' in Hawaii.

Jennifer Aniston, strut her stuff in a hot pink bikini while filming 'Just Go With It' in Hawaii.

Jennifer Aniston filming on location 'The Bounty' in the Brooklyn borough of New York.

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the Women In Film 2009 Crystal And Lucy Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California.

Aniston waves to the press as she attends the premiere for 'Marley & Me.'

Jennifer Aniston's patience is tested with her new dog Marley, in the upcoming film, 'Marley & Me.'

In 'Marley & Me,' Jennifer Aniston plays the wife of Owen Wilson as the small family tries to come accustomed to their adorable, naughty, rambunctious puppy Marley.

Jennifer Aniston playfully poses with a fedora and men's shirt as she was featured in GQ.

Aniston was in attendance for the Book Party for New York Times Best Selling Author Laura Day. The party was hosted by ONE Sunset, located in West Hollywood, California.

Jen attends the London premiere of her 2006 comedy, 'The Break Up.'

Actress Jennifer Aniston stares down photographers as she is seen arriving in NYC as a guest on 'The Late Show with David Letterman.'

Jennifer Aniston is seen here as Cosmopolitan magazine presents her as their August 2000 cover girl.

The one with the ladies of 'Friends.' Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow are seen together at the 9th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The Life of Jennifer Aniston